Sunday, February 24, 2013

Feeling like normal (almost)~

As I sit writing this post, it is Sunday morning and everyone else is asleep.  I'm enjoying my first cup of coffee, fire in fireplace and ahhhh....
The house is clean.
Yesterday was the first time since my surgery six weeks ago that I was able to do housework.  And let me tell you, it was not pretty nor quick!  I live in a small home so my average Saturday morning complete house cleaning takes less than 2 hours.  This week it was more than four hours, and that with the Mr. doing the bathroom and running the vacuum!  Strip the bed, sit down.  Put away the laundry, sit down.  Sweep the living room, sit down.  That was pretty much the sum of the day.  By the end I was not only amazed that I had taken so long but actually had ended up perspiring!  I'm taking credit for working out AND doing housework. But the benefits are so worth the unattractive sweat and slow moving chores.
Sure, the Mr. has kept up with the place, Mr. style.  He's a guy, and guys (at least mine) see things a bit differently.  There has been no loving (un)dusting of anything and good grief, the man completely ignores the importance of the Scentsy!  I've not been able to reach up into closets and shelves or pull out heavy drawers so my clothing has been stacked on the dresser for easy access when I'm home alone.  This, in Dean's opinion, is a much-improved method of clothing organization.  I know this because somehow, his clothing had started joining mine on the dresser top.  Now all is put away and I even took the time to empty out all of my bureau drawers to get rid of stuff I don't want and glory be!  To purge my now-too-large bras.  P.S., those bras freed up significant space ;)
I discovered a shocking but not surprising fact in my clothing inventory.  I own, by far, more pajamas than street clothes.  In fact, once jammies were folded and tucked away, there was very little room left for actual shirts and such.  After surveying this interesting situation and finally finishing my tasks, I sat down with a catalog and daydreamed about summer pajamas that I need.  I need.  After all, a whole new pajama world has now opened up to me.  I actually picked up a very cute gray cotton nightgown with pink polka dots, but here's the thing, it's one of them with the little shelf bra boddessessesss.  Why is that worth mentioning?  Because I've never been able to wear p.j.s with an empire waist (any waist) or little shelf bra.  Goodness, I'm adorable now!  Ha!  Anyway, you can see the dilemma.
Have I mentioned that I can buy bras from anywhere and that I can also now fit into sweet matching bra and pantie sets?  I'm tellin' ya...I'm gonna need another bureau. 
Now, what was I saying?
Oh yeah, my house is neat and clean and lovely and I love its loveliness.  There's no better start to the morning than greeting the Holy Spirit before my feet hit the floor and opening my eyes to a pleasant home. 
I am thankful for my returning strength and stamina and being able to once again enjoy, yes enjoy, taking care of my house.  I'm thankful for my Mr. who has held the reins for the last month and a half and continues to watch over me and our home as I heal.  And I'm thankful for my surgery.  And my pajamas. 

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