Friday, February 08, 2013

The magical blessing~

Ever since Mrs. Weinlander read the Little House books to us, her fourth graders, I have been enchanted by winter.  Laura painted such vivid and sweet pictures of her little family together inside their snug cabin with the winds howling and snow blowing.  Being warm and safe with a blizzard just outside seemed some sort of magic and blessing all in one. 
Many years later, I was traveling Up North with my little boys and parents along with my grandmother and aunt.  A snow storm stopped us halfway to our destination and we checked into the Bavarian Inn in Frankenmuth seeking shelter.  Far from the rural and rustic world of the Ingalls family, we spent the evening swimming as we watched the blizzard howling through the floor to ceiling windows.  Ahhh, more of the magical blessing!
Today the snow is falling in the Mitten and the school closings are scrolling down the right side of the television screen.  And here I am, watching the beautiful sparkling white from inside of my warm and snug little house.  My lovely generous co-workers agreed to give me a vacation day today and save me the drive in, encouraging me to rest and recover today.  I was awake shortly at 5:00 a.m. and immediately opened the drapes in my bedroom with the same joy I experienced as a little kid on a snow day. 
It's only 6:30 and I've already enjoyed my first cup of coffee and snuggled up to the fireplace in my flannel pajamas grinning happily.  I've prayed for the needs of friends and for those who are driving the sloppy roads this morning.  I'm going read a little, nap and little and possibly make a pot of soup (of course!)  In fact, it seems the perfect day for rereading The Long Winter! 
If winter brings the blahs to your heart, take a moment to consider the magical blessing of the view from inside your warm home.  Make a cup of coffee, tea or hot chocolate and let the cold wind and snow give you an excuse to be still and restful.  If the Lord causes the earth to rest in the winter, there is surely respite to be found for his children in these snowy blowy days. 

P.S. As you sip your hot coffee and enjoy the beautiful snowfall, please be sure to pray for those driving,  those who don't have adequate warmth and those on the east coast expecting 2 feet of snow and 75 mile an hour winds.  We should always use our days of quiet peace to intercede for those in need!


Mari said...

It's beautiful here on the other side of the state, although I'm taunted by the approx. 8 inches of snow in the driveway that I had cleared off as of 3 yesterday. )
Did you know that yesterday was Laura Ingalls Wilders 146th birthday? She's a favorite!

Mrs. Mac said...

I live with Laura Ingalls in my head ... The Long Winter book is enthralling .. remember when they had to twist straw to burn just to stay warm? Your day sounds cozy and wonderful .. and full of a great appreciation for God's winter rest.

Diane said...

Laura Ingalls Wilder....what did any of do for inspiration and entertainment before we discovered Laura and her magically written books? She takes me places I could never be because I go with her back to those days of pioneering and living close to the cuff. I have always loved winter, have always enjoyed the sights and sounds of all that is winter. My soul finds rest and contentment when the chill hits the air and expectations turn to snow. I become a child again and all that my inner child never experienced as a child, I freely experience as an adult. I loved this post, Sara and I love you my Sister! Blessings to you!