Saturday, February 09, 2013

This morning~

1.  I have my four month post op appointment on Wednesday, wow, a whole month!
2.  Which means I am within sight of wearing regular bras instead of sport bras.  Bra shopping today.
3.  Our bonehead dog got out of the yard a few days ago and I had to search the neighborhood and bring him home on his leash (pulling his 70 pound self for all he was worth.)  Now my incisions hurt again.  Doggone!  And then, doggback, I suppose.
4.  A few times a year, I have what I think of as "rapture dreams."  I'm never exactly certain if what I'm experiencing is the rapture or being called home in death but they always feel the same.  They used to disturb me but now I find them deeply comforting.  I had another one last night.
5.  Mac insists the Grammys are awards for the best grandmas.  I'd watch that.
6.  I can't find my phone charger, if you know where it is, please let me know.
7.  Raise your hand if you pin stuff on Pinterest but never actually open the link.  Kind of like a giant photo album.  Me too.
8.  Raise your hand if you pretty much ignore Valentine's Day.  Me too.
9.  Currently, my most exciting activity is trying on shirts and being astounded at how much longer they are.
10.  Already daydreaming about gardens and back porches. 


Saija said...

ya for long shirts!!!
i've only had a few rapture dreams, they make me homesick ...

Mrs. Mac said...

No rapture dreams .. but I've had dreams of my long departed grandparents (making me not want to wake up). Dog-on that Donny Boy .. doesn't he know how good he has it? Yea for l.o.n.g. shirts :) and seeing your toes without bending over :) Hope you have a very blessed week. Love,