Friday, March 10, 2006

Weird Things

1. The front teeth of dogs.
2. Mac's girlfriend's neck and his ankles are the same diameter.
3. I know the lyrics to every song but can't carry a tune.
4. The MR.'s pajama pants that have AC/DC on them.
5. Blizzards with lightening.
6. Smithisms (backety-back, oogidy, turnada, bonga, squirdles, girdles, puc, etc.)
7. That the Mr. isn't fed up with me yet.
8. That I'm not fed up with the Mr. yet.
9. That we managed to produce THESE children.
10. That Jesus gives a flip.

1 comment:

Birmingham Girl said...

I enjoyed that so much I'm going to have a puc of coffee, turn off the bonga, sit in the backity-back of my linging room and watch the squirdles play outside!