Saturday, May 27, 2006

In The Past 2 Weeks...

1. Bad times at work.
2. Happy times at a graduation party.
3. A few exceptionally good hair days.
4. Trying a new foundation/moisturizer/cleanser (not sure how I feel about it).
5. 5 people who love me have offered to beat up people who are not being nice to me.
6. One person who loves me has offered to wear a wire tap on my behalf.
7. I have eaten approximately 200 pounds of Mexican food.
8. Too many people to count have told me they are praying for me, sent me scriptures and just in general encouraged me constantly.
9. Tried a very cute new polish on my toes.
10.Turned a corner toward more trust in God and faith in His work in my life.


Birmingham Girl said...

What kind of nail polish?

Margie said...

count it all joy! James 1:2

If you need a Mary Kay lady, I have a great one...

tina fabulous said...

my bow tie is really a camera.