Wednesday, May 17, 2006

The Jesus Store

Have you ever been browsing through a store and had a sales person basically stalk you?
“Can I help you find something?” “We have some great sales over here.” “You’d look really good in that color.” “Have you been in before?” “All of our thongs are 50% off with $100 purchase.”
You know what I’m talking about. Does any of the above inspire you spend your money? It doesn’t for me. It makes me say rather testily, “I’m just looking around, thanks.” No eye contact. If said person continues to follow me at 5 paces, I’ll leave before completing my look-around.
Here’s my perspective, if there’s something here that is worth my time, something I want, priced right, etc., you won’t have any impact on my decision to purchase said item. If not, you will not bully me into buying something I don’t want. Your attitude and demeanor however, will keep me comfortable and in the zone, or push me out the door.
I think there’s an allegory here for my Christianity. I have wondered at times about my evangelistic skills. I’ve battled within my mind, do I say something, do I quote a verse, should I carry a Bible in my work bag...How do I impact the world for Christ. I think I need to take it a little easier in some ways and a little more seriously in others.
When browsing around my life, I don’t want to drive away the people around me with aggressive sales tactics. I don’t want to trick them into buying my wares with special deals and limited offers. I don’t want to tell them what I have to offer is perfection, no problems, an ideal fit. I don’t want to make a sale so they can get away from me or push so hard they avoid me altogether.
What I want is to just put my stuff out there for the world’s consideration. Here’s the stuff that I’m working on, here’s what I can tell you about the deal, here’s what I really don’t know but I can direct you to Someone who would be happy to give you the answers.
We can make a difference just in the being of it. If I’m pretty consistent, open, honest and let Jesus shine through He’ll make the sale.
Sometimes it’s the person representing the company that gets in the way.
Lord, get me out of your way.

John 12:32 (New International Version)
32But I, when I am lifted up from the earth, will draw all men to myself."

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tina fabulous said...

so youre saying we should discontinue the metrosouth thongs at the resource table?

i personally carry around bible verse flashcards and hand them to offending parties on an as-needed basis. i'm pretty sure i'm saving lives.