Saturday, December 16, 2006

Happy Hannukah!

1. Relax, Jesus was Jewish!
2. Matzo ball soup, yummy!
3. Light that shines forever (sound familiar?)
4. Dreidal
5. 8 Crazy Nights (terrible movie)
6. Mennorahs
7. Gentiles who can't spell Hebrew words and spellcheckers that can't help.
8. Presents for eight nights!
9. Jehovah
10.The holidays are like buttah, enjoy!


Margie said...

One Christmas my litte cousin came in and said Happy Hannakuh - she thought she was being funny, I cracked her on the head with a spoon and said "we're not Jewish".

But Happy Hannakuh to all those who haven't learned that Jesus was the Messiah yet, We'll be praying for you!

MSUgal86 said...

B-girl learned the dreidel song at latch key and loves to sing it.

Happy Hannukah!

Pat said...

knishes and kugel, and brightly lit candles.
Adonai ~ My Lord.

Kell said...

When she was in kindergarten, Madison wanted to know why we didn't celebrate Harmonica.

tina fabulous said...

hanukkah rules.
dont you sometimes wish you were jewish just to utilize yiddish and be able to eat for religions reasons?