Friday, December 22, 2006

He Knows If You've Been Bad or Good...

So off I went to work this morning with the boss's card needing at least 15 more signatures and my Godiva chocolates to go with proving I am a loyal and thoughtful Clinical Coordinator.
Got there and found out through a staffing error we were short a nurse. Then we had fourteen discharges (this means nothing to anyone but the nurses out there, I know.) It was very un-festive.
Two patients got into a fight because Schizophrenic A was convinced that Schizophrenic B was the "little tiny man from Kalamazoo" who lives under her pillow and "grows giant in the Lord" to preach on Sundays. Schizophrenic B was quite alarmed at this news and was trying to "disappear" Schizophrenic A so he didn't have to climb under her pillow. Security was called, shots were fired, I mean administered.
After work was the Behavioral Services celebration at a local joint I think might be a bar or something like it. Planned for weeks. I promised to be there. I should've gone there. I just couldn't go there. I couldn't give one more moment of my life to my job, even if there were free chicken fingers involved. I was fried and couldn't wait to get home to daboyz and the Mr. There ain't a connection to be had or a conversation to be conversated that could've convinced me.
I went by the uniform shop to get a Christmasy scrub shirt for Sunday because I'm working. They didn't have any I loved being that I've waited too long so I settled for one I didn't hate. Pulled out my coupon. Expired. The sweet cashier let me use it anyway.
I finished up there and left, feeling worn out and truthfully knowing I should have gone by the party but unable to make the car drive in that direction. Got almost to my street and realized in the crazy day I had at work, I hadn't finished the boss cards nor given the boss her Godiva chocolate bar which was still in my purse. So I ate it. God help me I ate that sucker as I drove through my neighborhood and I don't care. Clearly I'll have to re-purchase before Tuesday when I'll sheepishly present my late card and replacement candy.
I'm glad to be home although there is a lingering odor that I think might be cabbage from the corned beef and cabbage I made the other day. I think the leftovers got scraped into the garbage so I gotta check in to that.
I'm worn out. Wish I'd have gone to that party, glad I didn't. Will regret it tomorrow.
Then I walked into my living room and there on my tree is a brand new sock monkey/zebra. Jay reports my mom came by with it earlier.
Now why in the world would I want to be anywhere else when there are three men, a warm house and a brand new sock monkey/zebra just waiting to welcome me home?
Think I'll change the garbage bag, light a few candles and let the day roll away...
Maybe it's not bad or good, for goodness sake...
It's just life. Actually it's good even when I'm bad.
Kinda like Jesus.


Pat said...

From the way your day sounds, I'm glad I listened to that inner voice that said "go buy Sara a sock monkey/zebra"...really it did say that and I'm not schizophrenic either!
Light an extra candle (what was that smell?) and relax!

Mrs. Mac said...

I'm glad you explained that the sock monkey was part zebra ... at first glance I thought it was part jailbird. Read your mom's post about a Marth Stewart Christmas NOT! Hope the candy was yummy ... I would have opted to eat it too ... and may or maynot have thought to replace it.

tina fabulous said...

i thought i was the only who knew the little tiny man from k-zoo. that guy gets around.

and why are you working on christmas eve?! this is an outrage.

MSUgal86 said...

i dated that tiny man from K-zoo.

Deb said...

I invented Zebra Monkeys.

KayMac said...

I loved this post. I love hearing about your makes my world seem soo sooo...tame!