Tuesday, December 05, 2006

Immunized By Love?

It's a silly thing. A moment that passed in a flash but more slowly in my heart. Meaningless beyond the confines of those ten seconds. Of no import to the outside world, no hidden lesson in it. Nothing for you to take away to apply in your home. Just a silly moment with five people, a bon fire and a cup of hot apple cider.
We went to Greenfield Village on Saturday for their Holiday Evenings Event. It was cold. FREEEEZing. Long underwear, snot frozen to your nose, fashion sense long-gone cold.
Here and there on the street corners were little bon fires to stop and warm up a bit before venturing on. Scattered throughout were chestnut (roasted on an open fire) stands, strolling muffin vendors and hot cider & cocoa stands. We gathered around a fire and the Mr. took orders for hot drinks. A little bit of debate amongst us all concerning cocoa vs. hot apple cider. What to choose? We placed our orders with about an even half split.
Back came the Mr. with the hot drinks, my parents sharing a cocoa and the Mr. with his hot cider. So the Mr. takes a sip and passes it to me. I take a sip and offer it to my dad, my mom. Mac tries it too. Then back to Dean who finishes the remaining cider.
Just a passing inconsequential moment around a bonfire. The least of all the moments of the evening to be sure. Not worthy of a photograph. Not even commented upon in the moment. Certainly not blog material. But sweet to my mind.
In a world of air kisses and pocket-sized hand sanitizer we still drink out of each others cups and kiss on the lips. I heard nothing of germs, "I've got a cold", "Do you have a cold?" Not a pause in accepting the community hot apple cider. No second thoughts by the Mr. on finishing what was left of his drink after passing it by four other people.
I don't know, I just liked it; this fleeting breath of a moment. To my silly heart it spoke of unconditional unflinching crazy passionate devoted germ-infested love.
Nobody ever gets sick from that.


Margie said...

I only have three words...

I love you

MSUgal86 said...
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MSUgal86 said...

great post. if i had been there you guys would have gotten sick, guess it all worked out according to plan.

Anonymous said...

ew, you guys have germs!

you should have done an acapella version of "in the still of the night" whilst standing around the fire. passers-by would have given you money. or discarded chestnuts.

Birmingham Girl said...

Loved this! Kind of reminds me of sharing a communion cup - love sanitizes all.
As for Tina ~ if only we'd thought of singing In The Still of The Night I'm sure there would have been many more chestnuts to take home!

MSUgal86 said...

i know for a fact if this family had sung they would have had plenty of chestnuts...thrown at them. (excluding Dean of course).

Deb said...

I love this post!

I envy your family and the love and good times you share. My family is scattered in different towns - we don't see each other as often as we'd like.

...one thing I'm wondering about...what exactly does a Strolling Muffin sell? ;)

Birmingham Girl said...

A strolling muffin vendor sells strolling muffins you silly girl!

KayMac said...

nothing in the world like family!