Tuesday, February 06, 2007

Big Boy Blues

One day many years ago when I was a small child and my sister, Amy, was smaller yet she committed an unspeakable act that I will speak of here today. For those who read the following account and doubt its validity; there are witnesses to the event although only one has historically been brave enough to step forward. That would be Kathy, whose blog you can link to at your right.
In the 1970s and in our collective experience, the pinnacle of fine dining was Big Boy's. Regionally this superior restaurant chain is also known as Bob's Big Boy and Elias Brothers. It is delicious.
I have always loved Big Boys. From their garlic and oil salad dressing to their soup and salad bar. From the Big Boy Com with fries to the breakfast buffet. All superior. This being the case it was a treat indeed to dine at Big Boys, whether the one in Southland Mall or the one up the road on Telegraph. And let us not forget the Big Boy by Sears in Lincoln Park.
My Grandma Trent was as much a fan of Big Boy as we were and we would invariably eat there on our frequent Saturday mall pilgrimages.
One day however, a dark cloud descended on the happy fat boy in the checkered overalls. And that dark cloud was named Amy.
For some reason I do not recall, Grandma Trent made arrangements with Amy to take her to Big Boy for lunch one Saturday. Kathy, my aunt, was four years older than myself. Kathy and I loved Big Boy.
So my grandma brings Kathy over and DROPS HER OFF for my mom to babysit while she takes Amy only to Big Boy! And here's the topper; as Kathy and I stand there with tears sparkling in our eyes, my grandma turns to Amy and leaves it to her to decide if Kathy and I can come to Big Boy.
You wanna guess Amy's answer?
And so Kathy and I sat on the stoop as my grandma and Amy pulled away to have lunch at the most delicious restaurant ever with place mats you can write on.
For those of you who admire Amy today; let this be a footnote to her reputation.

Jeremiah 3:7
I thought that after she had done all this she would return to me but she did not, and her unfaithful sister Judah saw it.


Margie said...

what a brat... good thing she grew out of that!

Deb said...


tina fabulous said...

but think of how hilarious that must have been from amy's angle. opportunities for grandma-approved comeuppance dont come along everyday, you know.

Mrs. Mac said...

Combo plate with a hot fudge cake for me please! Some stupid person in California had a vote to do away with the Big Boy icon as it probably was not PC to have a fat person displayed outside (who knows reasoning?) Next thing you know, most if not all were out of business. BTW, did Amy have a smug look on her face that day? (lol)

Jada's Gigi said...

That little meanie!! But what an awesome opportunity for Amy to have Gramma all to herself! :) and get back at you two for all your meanness...and I'm sure you deserved it. :)
Big Boy's is known as Shoney's down south...and yes, it was considered fine cuisine in my youth as well.

KayMac said...

That was just WRONG! slim jims for me btw.

Pat said...


Tonya said...

Lovce this story!

MSUgal86 said...
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MSUgal86 said...

we will never again mention the things of which we speak today...BAWHAHA!

Forget that, i rub it in every chance i get. I think that day really left its mark on me. I will never forget sitting and cryin' on your stoop with you!

It was Amy's birthday, thus the choice, but T-fab cannot even begin to imagine the look of satisfaction on Amy's face as they drove away.

J-G--I lived in AL for three years and trust me girl, Big Boy's and Shoney's are not the same!

Kell said...

I always knew that Amy was a brat. (I'm kidding)

Margie said...

i have been craving Big boys all day!