Thursday, February 22, 2007

Sunday School

Did you go to Sunday School?
Did you have your very own Sunday School book to follow along and take your turn reading the story every week?
Did you sit in small chairs around a kidney-shaped table to color with crayons from a basket where you hunted for unbroken ones?
Did you get a quarter (or a nickel or a dime) from your dad that you clutched in your sweaty palm afraid you'd lose it before offering?
Did you see Jesus multiply the loaves and the fishes and Noah and his ark and Joseph's coat of many colors on the flannel graph? Did you ever get to smooth the figure of Moses on to the green flannel board for the teacher?
Did you have stiff and squeaky shoes and a special coat you wore only to Sunday School?
Did you learn to pray and raise your hand to share your prayer requests?
Did you bow your head to thank the Lord for animal crackers and weak Kool-Aid in dixie cups?
Did you rush with all the other kids up out of the basement and search for your mom and dad for morning worship and for just a moment feel afraid you couldn't find them?
Did you get hard hugs and smiling eyes from Brother_____or Sister_____?
Did you ever get a post card that said, "We missed you!" when you were sick?
Did you ever get a pencil with Jesus fishes on it on Promotion Sunday? Did you ever get the perfect attendance pin?
Did you ever dream that those were the days that laid your foundations?

Psalm 34:11
Come, my children, listen to me; I will teach you the fear of the LORD.


Pat said...

Those were the days my friend...
I think that's a picture of grandpa Gerstein front and center wondering why his basket is empty.

hippieange83 said...


tina fabulous said...

my mom ran into one of my sunday school teachers a while back, and i had absolutely no recollection of the woman. then i realized i couldnt bring to mind any of them until around 11 or 12. probably because i was very scared of everyone and spent the entire time trying not to cry and wondering when mom was going to come rescue me. when we had promotion sunday, i wouldnt even consider being in front of the entire church. (as you can see, my social anxiety isnt new)
i do, however, remember well my mom reading to me from my kids Bible with the pictures. naturally, she had her own flannelgraph materials. we also had some sort of Bible board game based on OT history & geography & the 12 tribes.
i think i'm the only person in the world who has never played candyland. which is neither here nor there.
so, i guess i'm going to have to give most of the sunday school credit to mom!
(ps sorry this became so epic)

Jada's Gigi said...

Well I think I can relate to everything on your list...that's why I'm scarred for life! lol

Mrs. Mac said...

I was raised Catholic and had to endure sitting during the Mass listening to Latin and singing Latin in the choir. Didn't learn one thing, very sad, very sad. Did I mention I don't know Latin?

Tonya said...

I so remember Sunday School, and Childrens Church, and all of that FUN stuff we did as children...I totally remember being huged by Brother_____or Sister______.. I still have a old table and chair set that my old sunday school teachers husband made for me and my cousins, Grace uses it today.