Saturday, February 03, 2007

My Superbowl Promises

1. Not to have a wardrobe malfunction.
2. To have no idea what's going on.
3. To be unable to name the teams involved.
4. To be looking in the other direction when something exciting happens.
5. To talk continuously about unrelated topics while the Mr. tries to watch the game.
6. To at least pretend to be terribly hurt when the Mr. doesn't listen.
7. To eat too much.
8. To start whining about going home to get to bed because I have to work on Monday by 7:00 p.m.
9. Not to care.
10.Go Pistons!


Mrs. Mac said...

I don't know which teams are playing either. But any excuse to make and eat chicken wings is ok with me :) I won't have any Mr. here so I can be as noisy and unattentive as possible. I only like to watch the commercials :)anyways.

Margie said...

i'm with you on the commercials and eating too much!

Pat said...

When I start whining about having to get up for work, that's your signal to start whinig to go home...if figure that should be about 4:30!

Margie said...

colts & da bearz

MSUgal86 said...

as i asked on you mother's blog--am I the only female in the family who appreciates this wonderful all-American game?

tina fabulous said...

football is gay.

Deb said...

A friend of Brillo Man is coming over tomorrow afternoon --not to watch the game, but to lay the new carpet in the downstairs bedroom, the walls of which I finished painting today....I'm guessing that Billy (the friend) isn't a sports fan either....hmmmm...I hope he doesn't expect a bratwurst sandwich and a cold one...