Saturday, March 03, 2007

Favorite Books! (Some of 'em Anyway)

1. Little House Series
2. All Creatures Great & Small Series
3. Lovely Bones
4. Narnia Chronicles
5. Case for Christianity
6. Screwtape Letters
7. Stranger Beside Me
8. Sybill
9. Power Of A Praying Wife
10. El Biblio


Mrs. Mac said...

Where does Sybil fit in, eh? Is this for on the job training?

Pat said...

I just got a new Anne Rivers Siddons book - paid $10 for a paperback, how silly was that? Any way, I'm really enjoying it. It's one of those low country stories I love!

Mrs. Mac said...

After donating so many books before our move last year, I've decided if it's not at the lending library, I'm not buying!

tina fabulous said...

screwtape rules.

Deb said...

Screwtape Letters would make my top ten also.

So would some of your other choices, however, I enjoy so many books, I don't know how I could possibly narrow down my favs to just ten!