Friday, March 30, 2007

Sweatin' in Bed

"I've done my bedroom exercises every day for a week now. I'm feeling really good." said the Mr.
"Oh my goodness, please shut up right now!" said Mac.
Drum roll please...the Mr.'s bedroom exercise consist of him laying in the bed lifting weights. This way, says he, the whole process is much easier on his back!
Meanwhile, don't be alarmed if ever you are at our home chatting with me in the living room and happen to hear a suspicious squeaking from upstairs...
It's just the Mr. gettin' buff.

So mom, you were right.
Mrs. Mac, those bedroom exercises are why he needs these bedroom exercises.
Margie, puleeze!
The rest of you...get your mind out of the gutter!


Margie said...

what can I say, I was giving Dean the benefit of the doubt.

Margie said...

Hey, I forgot to tell you... Mac is on my Fuel Explosion Tour Team... we're going to win!

tina fabulous said...

are the weights made of nachos?

i say if youre going to attempt any sort of work out, it should most definitely be done while lounging comfortably. at least until you know how many reps you can get in before exhaustion takes over.

Pat said...

What did I win?

Arlene said...

You guys are all funny!