Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Grooving On A Tuesday Afternoon

As threatened yesterday, I am again writing off the cuff as I have nothing saved.
It's beautiful here today, 74 degrees according to my truck thermometer! I even removed my gloves for the drive home! Makes me want to do something like spring cleaning. This impulse is sure to pass by my next day off; it always does.
We had a mock JCHAO inspection today. JCHAO is the agency that accredits health-care organizations and we have to pass yearly inspections. I was glad we were having a dry run of sorts since it's my first year as charge nurse. When my manager debriefed us as to areas of concern; I thought "Well hot dog! We did purty good!" while her reaction was not as impressed.
You wanna know something, we did do well. Only about three identified areas to work on and those are already in the process of improving. I was happy with the results. These inspections don't terrify me. I figure I'm honestly doing my best and I honestly always need to improve. It's OK to identify the stuff that needs work.
Hey! I just realized there is a life lesson in there!
It's ok to not be perfect as long as we're willing to take the lessons and be continuously striving toward the goal of pleasing God. I know it's because of God I can be peaceful in what was a stressful environment for others.
As long as I'm seeking him, it's gonna be ok.
Giant breasticles, as yet unnamed; not withstanding. But that's another story.

Romans 8:1
...therefore this is now no condemnation for those who are in Christ Jesus...

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tina fabulous said...

great job on the inspection! youre a credit to dementia.

i'm feeling very official with the myspace page.

Sara said...

that myspace page has given me minutes of enjoyment until the mr. came home and started getting all "how can we put our bios on there? is she gonna put our picture on there? we should all write something!" then i was all, "oh get over yourself" and he was all "what! i think people would like it" and i was all, "oh puleeze."
other than that, i think it's fabulous.
word to my homeys; t~ is the myspace manager. do check hers out today being that the tunes are exceptional.
rock on.

Pat said...

Sounds like the rock and roll church had a hoe down. Man I hope I spelled "hoe" correctly.
Congrats on the pre inspection inspection...

Sara said...

oh yeah, the hoes got down.

Arlene said...

Good for you and your calm, cool, collectiveness! That's awesome! Congrats!

tina fabulous said...

LOL. oh, they got down alright.

MSUgal86 said...

well it's nice to know Metro is willing to help the hoes.

I like the page and Da Mr. is right. we want bios and photos!

I remember hearing about JHACO inspections at Oakwood and JHACO doesn't fool around. good job!