Thursday, August 30, 2007

Can You Go Home Again?

Hello, my name is Sara and I am five years old. I am fabulousness in the making; or something like that.
Actually I am forty years old and I am almost there. I am almost brave enough to mail some letters. Today I wrote three letters to people I've never met and I am going to take a deep breath and mail them right to their homes. I think I am. If I can get very brave for just a few minutes longer. I know exactly where these strangers live. I know where they eat and sleep and hang their clothes. I'm not a stalker. You see, they live in my houses.
I want to see my houses again. If the strangers who live there now will let me, I want to take pictures too. I want to touch the walls and see if like I suspect, the rooms have gotten smaller. I'm drawn to this journey and there's nothing left to do but get started. I am writing letters to ask if I can come home again for a minute or an hour. I think I'll enclose a copy of a picture to prove that a long time ago a little girl with parted-down-the-middle hair dreamed dreams and read books and wore silly Easter hats there. I wonder if we left happiness in the ceilings and the walls? I hope so.
I am going to mail letters to three homes...Clippert Street, The Farm and The Pine House (where my grandparents lived when I was small.) I wonder if anyone will respond? I think I would.
I have to go now and try to be very brave at the mailbox. I'll let you know what happens.


Margie said...

Go for it.

I was about to go on and on... and i realized it's your blog, not mine.

Mrs. Mac said...

You can never truly go home (sorry) ... but you can visit ghosts, echos and showdows of the past. Yes, the rooms will look smaller if they even still remain. Once upon a time I journeyed to the house my grandparents lived in. The new owner even let me take a clipping from the sole surviving rose bush that my grandma tended. I hoped to get it to root so I could cut yellow roses from the same DNA that grandma picked flowers.

Mrs. Mac said...

I must have missed the Amazon book link ... when I searched on line at Amazon, it only brought up the one edition I purchased.

Sara said...

the link is on my blog post. check it out, maybe it's the same book?

Pat said...

You can go home again, but it's a shock and a half.
I went back to my house in California - after the Northridge earthquake and was heartbroken. The pool was destroyed and the yard looked like Viet Nam.
The farm looks well loved, but it won't be the same farm of your grandparents. It's worth the trip though - I hope it works out for you. I'll be anxious to hear!

Trish said...

Sara~ follow your heart
I'm sure the rooms will seem smaller, but sweet memories will flood your soul!
Yes, you can go home again, it's right where your heart leads you!!

I love you, sweet girl.

MSU gal said...

where is home
in summer sunshine
on a green hill
in gentle air
and sparkling surf
in morning light

home is where
the people
you love are
but wherever I am
there seem to be
people I love

so how can I tell
if I
am in my home
or my home
is in me

Gil Stevenson

(one of my all time favorite poems)

Trish said...

msu gal~ that's now on my list
of poems! Love it!!!

Deb said...

You can always go home --back to the home of your dreams --no matter how much it may have changed in the physical --it's always the same in your heart!

(why is it that your posts always make me cry?)