Friday, August 31, 2007

Compound Fracture

So I have this dream/fantasy where my parents, sister, daboyz and wetwo all buy a chunk o'land and live in our own homes...a compound as my son, Jay likes to call it. Jay has embraced the vision and he and I spend many happy hours planning our compound. The Mr. has no vision whatsover and is unable to even join the conversation as he's too busy telling me why it won't work.
In my plan we purchase a few acres and put pre-fabricated homes on it. In Jay's there are tunnels and gun turrets. I imagine a nice compromise would be best. Jay and I purchase lottery tickets every pay day to finance our venture. We have high hopes that the Lord will bless our dilligence!
Meanwhile, here is a picture of the Kennedy Compound at Hyannis Port. It's quite similiar to what we're planning.
What's your dream home?


Pat said...

my dream is that you win.

Trish said...

If you build your Compound and I come to visit and you offer me Kool-Aid! Sister! I'm outta there!

Love you!

MSU gal said...

a compound is also your dad's dream and in that one the rest of us are included!

Deb said...

oh my gosh! lottery tickets?!
isn't that on the same list as cards and dancing and makeup??!


If you have a compound --I'm having one next to it --on the side away from the guns and turrets!

Mrs. Mac said...

I used to read about people having underground bunker type compounds in No. Idaho. Now I live here on a few acres ... my next step is putting a cannon in front ... but I'm having trouble deciding which way to point it ... don't want to scare the neighbors. We do serve Kool-Aid on occasion.

Margie said...

i live in my dream home. I am sure people are gasping everywhere (at least those who have seen my home)