Wednesday, August 29, 2007


You guys all know by now that my heart is deeply rooted in the days of The Farm, my grandparents and family and the traditions and days we have spent together. It's easy now to wonder if all the sweetest things are left behind with the troubles of the world closing in and the 24 hour access to the worst things at our finger tips. Surely this world is an uglier place than it was in my childhood. After all, the Word tells us it will be increasingly ugly until the return of Jesus.
I long in deep places for that old farm and even for the hot side walks under bare feet when I was a little kid and summer vacation was endless. I hope my kids had the same naive hearts I had when they were little enough not to notice the things happening outside of their backyard fence. I have to be careful not to let the enemy convince me that all is so corrupt that their childhoods were somehow tainted. It's a fear that creeps up on me in quiet moments.
Something we don't hear that often about any more is the Holy Spirit. In those innocent days of The Farm and jumping through sprinklers, the Holy Spirit was ever present. Whispering dreams and joy into the ears of those who would be still enough to listen. This summer the Holy Spirit has swept through my home like a freshening breeze in ways that I've never heard preached. He has spoken in crickets and birdsong and believe it or not, in grass and cracked sidewalks.
As I lay in my bed recently I've felt a reminding in my body of the goodness of crisp sheets and warm wind through the windows. I've had a cricket in my basement that I cannot find and I don't know how in the world he has survived for so long down there. Being the chronic insomniac who awakens way too early I've been treated to birds just outside my upstairs bedroom and I've noticed something. The birds sing the same songs as they did on The Farm. The crickets chirp in exactly the same voice. The sheets feels the same against my bare legs at night and the warm grass under my feet has not changed. If I choose to live in spiritual places, the world cannot out-yell the sweetness of the earth. The good and right things remain the same, there as a constant reminder of what was meant to be, what remains and what will always be.
I don't want new sod in my yard. The old fashioned rough grass interspersed with crab grass and prone to dandelions cradles my bare feet just like it did when Grampa made green beans and children didn't know how to read terror alerts on the CNN crawl.
Summers lasted forever then. They still can if you listen for the Holy Spirit. He speaks the language of crickets and birds and cracked sidewalks warmed by the sun.

2 Peter 1:13 I think it is right to refresh your memory as long as I live in the tent of this body...


Mrs. Mac said...

Childhood lost ... but oh so refreshed by the Holy Ghost. AMEN! Sweet post today ... you should send it to Guideposts or some such magazine :)

Margie said...

Amen sister. I've been waiting for a post like this... this is how I know you're feeling better. Your spirit speaks sweetly when you are well.

WIth me, it's pepsi (in a can) and Doritos, not green beans. It's the smell of the water (the Detroit river), the way hot asphalt feels as I would run to the bathroom with no shoes on. its the way the waves sound as I was rocked to sleep on the boat over every weekend in the summer. It did seem like summer lasted forever, like winter was a SNAP and summer ran on and on.

Deb said...

This post almost makes me want to go find a sidewalk and take off my shoes!

And do what mrs. mac said...send it to GUIDEPOSTS or some such magazine! ;)

Seriously, you should get your stuff published. I'd even buy one of your books!

Sara said...

dear deb; i will sell my books on etsy betsy wetsy. see how you like it.

Jada's Gigi said...

ahhh yes! endless summer, still magic to me....interesting how His voice can be heard in His creation if we can be still enough to hear .....amen to the Guidepost idea!

KayMac said...

hhhhmmmmm...good advice from Deb about you getting your stuff published. Now, where have you heart THAT!

wonderful, refreshing and reviving post. Thank you.