Sunday, August 12, 2007


Psalm 104:19 The moon marks off the seasons, and the sun knows when to go down.

It's mid August here in Michigan and I have suspected something that I didn't want to share. I have suspected that summer is going to end. It seems that others are noticing the possibility as well, our local news team mentioned that it was dark earlier the night before than it has been. In the morning drive to work, it's darker now than it was last week. Wow, it sure does happen fast, doesn't it?
We've had a few weeks of miserably humid heat, temperatures in the nineties every single day. It's like walking through a swamp to get to your car and the air has to run all night long just to allow a person to sleep. Fans in the windows just push the moist heat at you. Then it broke yesterday settling down to the eighties. This morning (Saturday as I write this) it was 65 degrees out. I opened the windows to let a cool breeze drift through, humidity finally gone. That's the curtain call of summer here in the Great Lakes. It'll hang on with sunny beautiful days that we will grasp like a lifeline and then gone for months.
I've already heard word of back to school shopping and daboyz will buy their college texts this week. It occurs to me that I should haul out my wool pea coat to have it dry cleaned (meant to do that in the Spring).
I was watching my boyfriend Mike Holmes this morning and the show was obviously filmed during a Canadian fall day. A little damp in the mornings and giving way to bright sun as the afternoon wore on. The beginning of the program revealed visible breath as the people talked in the mornings and the afternoon portion showed short sleeves. The familiar look of Autumn.
I like Autumn and though I will grieve the glorious summer days, I'll welcome the change of seasons. We always go away for the weekend during our October anniversary and so damp streets and cool temperatures hold a warm place in my heart. Time to pull out sweatshirts and put away flip flops soon. I'll keep hitting the farm market until the "Closed Until Next Year" sign appears and then it's time for meatloaf and simmering soups.
Enjoy the curtain call of summer wherever you are today. We likely have a month or so if we claim Indian summer, which we do around these parts. But don't let sadness settle in over days gone by. There's a beauty to each season if you look for it. Breathe in the particular perfume of today and know it was created by a loving Father.
Happy summer.


Trish said...

When Tom was in the Air Force, we spent 1 1/2 yrs. in Tucson,Arizona and 1 year in Las Vegas, Nevada.
It was Hot! hot! hot! and Boring! boring! boring!
I love the change of seasons in Michigan, even love winter.
Wouldn't live anywhere else except, maybe Erin, Tennessee.

Pat said...

It's all good - except winter. Michigan winters are WAY TO LONG!!
I say December and January are plenty long enough to be cold - after that it needs to start warming up.

Jada's Gigi said...

It'll be summer here a while longer yet,,,but we'll be longing for fall soon ourselves...I love the seasons and fall is my absolutely fav...except for hot hot summer which we're in the process of right now! 90s daily, sunshine and the pool!

KayMac said...

Today, Monday...I had to run out on errands twice. It is a PERFECT summer day. I am trying to think up another one or two errands that I can justify so I can get outdoors and enjoy!

tina fabulous said...

i love the summer's descent into autumn. i also love mike homesonholmes. (i must say his name exactly like that. its the only way.)

Mrs. Mac said...

I'm about to capture the essence of the farm fresh goodness from this summer's bounty ... at the u-pick farm of course. Tomorrow, always Lord willing, I'll be off picking my heart's content: green beans, corn, onions, berries, etc, etc. Then I'll come home and wash everything, blanching this and that and sucking the air out of my freezer bags with my new 'Food Saver' seal a meal gizmo. Then it's off the the garage to rest well in the new deep freezer to be enjoyed mid winter when all is not well at the fresh fruit market. Aaaah, I'm in heaven. (You must share more information about your 'boyfriend' Mike Holmes either in your blog or email me at

Jinson said...

hai your blog is so good especally i love the sap and cool green