Friday, August 10, 2007


Psalm 90:17 May the favor of the Lord our God rest upon us;establish the work of our hands for us—yes, establish the work of our hands.

I think I may have cooties. A few times a year I get this slow-building achy muscles/sore throat/headache/tired thing. Probably related to the Epstein Barre Virus I have. Anyway, tis back. I gutted through yesterday and today but I am welcoming the weekend and the promise of remaining horizontal as much as possible. I have visions of DVDs with some Mike Holmes and/or Rowe to see me through. Sometimes it's not all that bad to feel just a little bad. Makes you relax. Maybe my body knows something my head hasn't figured out.
I will be venturing out to buy a pair of beige scrub pants because I have decided I need some immediately because I have a wacky polka dot scrub top with no bottoms to match. You see the gravity of the situation I'm sure. I also need some hair products so I'll take care of that. And I would really like to hit the farm market for more fruits and veggies. OK, so I wont' remain entirely sedentary, but it's all good.
I got a card today from someone just telling me that they appreciate me and in general just being gracious and lovely to me. These things are such nice surprises aren't they? So easy to do for someone and it means so very much. I also got handed a note and it was addressed to "Sara, The Best." Silly and sweet and again; means more than anyone realizes. People are so good to me. I need to take a page from their books and pass more love and encouragement on to others. Only takes a minute to make someone's day.
Let's see, what else is fascinating in my world? My nails are all the perfect length and so I am giving myself French manicures until I tire of it and then I'll go natural again. Be sure to tell your friends about that important tidbit. My hair is looking pretty decent for two days in a row and for me, that is good news indeed. I think I'm going to grow my bangs out. Keep checking back for updates. My skin is very soft but only if I use Suave tanning lotion every night and then more smell-good lotion in the morning. I am currently keeping up with this tedious regime to decent results. Not only am I baby soft but with the tanning lotion I am almost Caucasian as opposed to transparent.
Caffeine free diet Pepsi is my new favorite soda.
I am craving fried cabbage but it is an awful lot of work what with the purchasing, cleaning, chopping and frying. But oh, how I love it. Maybe my mom will whip some up with noodles ala Hungarian style being that I am ever so sickly. Probably not.
I am going to go eat fresh tomatoes on buttered toast now.
Why you are still reading this is beyond me.


Margie said...

I'm still reading because I love you

Trish said...

Get lots of rest, after you get your scrub pants and most impotantly your hair products!!
What brand of hair products do you use, I have cards to Sally's, Maley's, Industry Source, Marlo's and the new Cosmo Prof. I can save you money, if you ever want to check these places out, give me a holler.
I love me some fried cabbage!!

Sara said...

wait until i tell dean you have cards! he'll be bothering you constantly. i use redkin roost boost and sebastian spray. he uses crew products. we definitely need fried cabbage!

Becky said...

you are something else! but a good something!
see you soon1

Mrs. Mac said...

I went to a huge u-pick farm today and picked to my wee heart's content. I was so anxious to try the corn I picked ... that I rushed home and ate only corn for lunch ... it was like heaven I'm sure. My latest fad is to try and buy only fruit, veggies, and meat that come from local sources. No hormones and preservatives, etc. I wish your grandparents still had that nice farm ... I'd come over and help pick food. I sampled a few berries before buying ... you know to see if they were worth the money. Do you think that's a sin? Hope you don't have too many cooties ... but try to keep them to yourself.

signed ... the rambling Mrs. Mac

Deb said...

fresh tomatoes on buttered toast?
sounds yummy.
I would probably use EVOO (extra virgin olive oil) and sprinkle the tomatoes with garlic,basil and fresh ground black pepper... I must go eat that right away...

Sara said...

mrs. mac, surely berry sampling is not a sin. Jesus told me so. i think it's in proverbs too. i wish that old farm was still ours (and by that i mean mine.) i ate corn all last weekend and it was heaven indeed. deb, your idea sounds pretty darn good. off to try it.