Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Slow Blog Week

Not doing a lot of inspiration blogging this week. Worked some over time and my boss(es) are out of town all week so I'm tired and trying to cover all the bases. Since that is utterly too boring for me to think about after work much less write about, I'm taking a back seat I guess.
All is well over here. Mac starts college Thursday and Jay heads back in September. All I'm doing is working, reading and laying around. I am stopping in at all of your blogs and enjoying the view from your windows.

Lesson of the Week From God To Me: No amount of determination will make you successful if you give yourself any other options.



Becky said...

you are so wise!

Jada's Gigi said...

no options...that's the key..:)

Deb said...

it's a good thing!

blogger won't display my most recent post....ugh? wondering why I wasn't getting any comments!


anyway...gotta go create!

Trish said...

Sometimes we just need to spend
some down time.

Miss you!

DEB~ I just had problems with blogger too, my latest post wouldn't publish! Ticks me off!