Wednesday, August 15, 2007


Do you guys have words that only your family uses or is it just us? These words make utter and perfect sense to us. In fact, they are more accurate than previously invented words and that's why we use them. See if you can guess the meanings of a few favorites.

1. Dilusive=confused; sometimes associated with a fever.
2. Oogidy=grossed out.
3. Backity back=third seat in a mini van or suv.
4. Bonga=vacuum
5. Flabbage=low hanging skin left over after weight loss.
6. Vin-door=window in a Hungarian accent.
7. Turnada=wow mrs mac! turnada light indeed!
8. Susie=generic name for any dog.
9. Ingies=earrings.
10.Marlo Brandon=marlon brando


Trish said...

Enlighten me on the meanings of your family words.
My family uses words like-
1. Larapen
2. Corker
3. Booto-Booto
4. Besso
5. Noggin
6. Snotlocker
7. Eyewinker
8. Fixin' to go
9. 'preciate it
10.Sally Frances

Pat said...

I've heard #10 mispronounced so long that when I read it I couldn't figure out what was wrong with it!
You must be dilusive if you think after all that dieting you still have flabbage. You need to stop looking out the vin-door and run your bonga - your floors a mess. Oh, next time Mac borrows my car, if his friends are all oogidy, they can ride in the backity back.
I'll leave #7, 8,9,for someone else to put into a sentence!

Deb said...




...and we do a lot of Redding up!

Mrs. Mac said...

.7 Turnada = "don't you's guys know how to turnada light.
8. Get your ingies ungies off the bathroom floor.
We use: hoobeedoobee, fixin, come-up-ins, pooty, hoochie, JPN

Jada's Gigi said...

most of ours are leftover from the kids' childhoods..we don't even remember the origins...

we use words like

Pat said...

I am very impressed with Mrs. Mac interpreting took us longer to figure out what Jordan was saying them it did Mrs. Mac!!

Sara said...

ok you guys, where are your definitions?

tina fabulous said...

i would've guessed "turnada" to be how people say "tornado" in minnesota.
way off! (per usual)

Trish said...

1. Larapen = delicious
2. Corker = someone amusing
3. Booto-Booto = beautiful
4. Besso = kiss
5. Noggin = head
6. Snotlocker = nose
7. Eyewinker = eyelash
8. Fixin to go = leaving
9. 'preciate = appreciate
10. Sally Frances = name my Aunt
Ann called us growing up,
now I do the same.

KayMac said...

corpratater=tape recorder

i know there are more, but my memory is dilusive.

Mrs. Mac said...

definitions: hoobeedoobee = anything we forget what to call or don't know what to call.

pooty = all things relating to Nathan's behind

hoochie = all things relating to my youngest daughter.

fixin = getting ready

JPN = just plain nuts

Pat = I have become the queen of jibberish language having Nathan around ;)

hippieange83 said...

Huckle Buckle = when you find something that has been lost for a very long time. One may "call a huckle buckle" if one is desperate to find an object, but it must be very, very serious. Often, a price is put on a particular huckle buckle to encourage others to find it. When this happens, the finder usually screams "huckle buckle!" to ensure that they will be the sole recipiant of the reward. Derived from the children's game Huckle Buckle Bean Stalk, but now far removed.

Bareman's = refers to any grocery store in closest proximity to your current location. Ex: "I'm going to Bareman's to pick up some milk. Need anything?" This person may be headed to Farmer Jack, Kroger, Meijer, or the like, depending on where they speaker currently resides. Derived from the fact that an actual Bareman's dairy store was located at the end of our block in Redford in the 1960's, and it is way, way too much trouble to call a store its actual name.