Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Mucho Nacho

Well I am on my last day of a few days off this morning and headed once again to grandma's house to work with my parents. It's a mixture of nostalgia and sadness but I think in a way it's also a catharsis; it's healthy. And I can't help but think about what a better house she's living in now so at the end of the day, every day is a good one.
Last night I went to my first Tiger game in a few years. The Mr. always purchases tickets assuming I'll go and I always do everything in my power not to go. It's not that I don't enjoy myself once I get there so much as I'm such a home body that "here" is always better than "there." So I went with no excuses not to as I didn't have to get up for work this morning and I liked the company.
One of the Mr.'s (and by association, my) best friends went with us. Marty is a musician and he and Dean have that joined at the musical DNA thing going on. Those of you who don't know Marty should still be impressed with him since you know I don't hang out with just anybody, especially outdoors in a large crowd!
The Mr. has an unnatural love of this thing at Comerica Park called the Mucho Nacho. Basically it's a giant plastic sombrero filled with various nacho stuffs including synthetic cheese topping. Those of you who know the Mr. (or have been to Frankenmuth with him) will also understand that he insisted Marty eat a Mucho Nacho as well, despite the fact that Marty didn't particularly want a Mucho Nacho. It does not matter, the Mr. is very dictator when it comes to outtings and the food eaten therein. But Marty is a good guy so he ate the Mucho Nacho. No word on how the Mucho Nacho is treating him this morning.
Being that I don't care about making the Mr. feel good about himself, I refused the Mucho Nacho and ate a Hebrew National hot dog which was all kinds of delicious and some of them cinnamon almond or pecan things or whatever they are. The point is we spent too much money on ballpark food and the Mr. eats disgusting food and forces his friends to do the same.
I did not get one of those giant foam fingers that I usually insist on when I got to events. I'm maturing.
Much to my surprise I did enjoy myself and I'm glad I went. The Mr. and I were just saying a few days ago that we are at this point where we suddenly look around and realize that we have this amazing core of friends (mostly musicians, go figure) that are just much a natural part of our lives as breathing. People whose company is easy and with whom you can talk and laugh or sit watching a ball game or just be with and know that God has given you these friends.
We're through trying to force ourselves outside of our comfort zone to be best friends with people we like but who just aren't meant to be in that special circle of people. The Mr. is wired to worship and so are his friends. I fit in there somewhere but I don't know for sure how. I think it's my running commentary that keeps it interesting.
There's an old poem about friends for the moment and friends for the distance or something like that. I go away grateful every time I'm with that circle of people. One of them I've been dragging around since she was in middle school and we have those fifteen years worth of life that makes us able to speak in glances and single words. Some of them I've known for just a little while. And some people we of the inner circle have voted on and rejected. Ha! You can decide if I'm kidding on that or not.
Anyway, speaking as someone who is socially inept and has to be dragged kicking and screaming and mumbling sarcastic remarks from my house; I'm glad I married a guy with such good taste in friends. That way I get all of the benefit with none of the effort. It works out really well.
Meanwhile, Viva Le Mucho Nacho.

Proverbs 17:17 A friend loves at all times, and a brother is born for adversity.


Margie said...

i invented the mucho nacho

tina fabulous said...

voting is oft required, as we have learned over the years... though sometimes we let them off with indefinite probation, which is almost never lifted.

when you find mucho nacho friends, you hang on. (ie marty. and of course me.)

Mrs. Mac said...

one too many nachos leads to mucho nacho breath. Poor Dean. Poor Sara having to offer everybody breath mints ;)