Saturday, August 09, 2008

Things That Are Hard For Me

1. Not checking my work e mail when I'm off.
2. Getting motivated to mop the floor.
3. Resisting carbs.
4. Having regular bowel movements. Aren't you glad you checked in today?
5. Finding comfortable shoes.
6. Not fussing at my family about leaving their junk around the house. Really, is it that hard for me to put a pop can into the bin?
7. Being a social butterfly, I'm more in a social cocoon.
8. Talking on the phone.
9. Making myself exercise.
10. Pursuing Christ like I know I should.


Trish said...

#3..I'm with you on resisting carbs... that is my favorite food group!
#9..Everyday I tell myself tomorrow morning I will work out,
hasn't happened!
#10..In this world it is hard to pursue Christ as we should, I can remember as a child Sunday was truly a day of rest...nothing was open, no stores, restaurants, gas stations. We have too many activities...we even had church only on Sunday mornings.

Becky said...

1. can't
2. why bother-still rebuilding
3. with you
4. thanks for sharing
5. found some-ugly but functional
6. why bother-still rebuilding
7. i'm trying to crawl into one
8. getting that way
9. with you
10. lets pursue together! invent a blog bible study.

Amrita said...

My list matches yours in some points Sara