Friday, August 15, 2008

Welcome To The Pumpkin Pat(ch)

Well I am de-crankied because it is Friday, I'm home and work is over for the week. Dinner's cooking and I'm about to toss a salad. The Mr. is on his way home and Donny is laying in his yard hole. Jay will be here in a bit for dinner and Mac's out with friends. Can't think of much to complain about besides my big butt which is self-induced so no use complaining about it.
I love my home and my family. I'm told on a daily basis that people care about me. I wore a brooch in my hair to work today and my pastor has promised a short service on Sunday morning.
In closing, some of you may think my mother's recent foray into weird head gear was a departure. Let me correct that assumption by directing your attention to the picture at the upper left of this post. This is a pumpkin hat. Just like the one she wore for most of Wednesday.
This should explain a lot about why I am like I am, brooch in my hair and all.


Amrita said...

Pat did you read that?

Pat said...

I just can't seem to help myself!!