Thursday, August 14, 2008

Sara The

Boy, what a long day today has been. I worked at my grandmother's house with my parents most of yesterday and must've used some rarely used muscles. My arms and hands and butt (yes, my butt) are so sore. Even my feet are sore! I did not want to get rolling when that alarm clock sounded this morning for work. I laid there thinking about how much I wish I was off today just to rest. But, up and at 'em.
I, of course, ended up working late and then being late for my niece's birthday dinner. That got me home late. After about ten minutes chatting with the Mr. I realize, I am grouchy.
I'm tired and achy and cranky like a little kid who should've had a nap. So instead of sniping at him and grouching at him like I want to, I'm headed for a long hot shower and a little reading in bed before I hit the hay.
Hopefully he (and I) will look better by the light of day...tomorrow.
For tonight, I'm cranky and he don't look so good to me. ;)
Good night!


Pat said...

Hope you put on your happy pants today.

tina fabulous said...

i blame the ectoplasm.