Tuesday, February 24, 2009

A Godly Man

I know this man.

I work with him, maintenance guy. Last winter, when I had first started this facility, one of the other maintenance guys had gotten into a car accident on the way to work. I was supervising the house so Don called to tell me that James was in an accident, that he was ok. And that Don had prayed with him on the phone.

This morning Don stopped me in the hall, "I was looking for you Friday afternoon!"

"I was probably hiding." I had told Don's boss that my goal for the day was not to cry until I got into my car. Bad day.

"Well, I wanted to spend a moment in prayer with you but when I couldn't find you, I just took my break to pray for you."

I know this man who disappears into the scenery except when he steps out in faith.

I didn't cry in my car Friday. I did today in the hallway.

Thank you God for sending me your love, through this man.


Margie said...

I wanna be like that guy!

Deb said...

God is good.
(and it's okay to cry in the hallway.)

Trish said...

What a blessing he is!

Jada's Gigi said...

What a blessing! and amen to your last post on getting out of the way...I need to listen up to that one. :)