Monday, February 09, 2009

The Minion Opinion

I've been in a supervisory role at work for a few years. My boss recently moved on to a different position so now we're looking for someone to replace her, my boss. I've spoken with the "head hunter" and of course, all of us are exchanging thoughts about what we need or want in the person who will next be top dog.

Today I was talking about who I might like to work with and my co-worker challenged me with his thoughts. His ideas were valid and if anything, I'm less certain than ever about what we need. My former director was a great mentor, personally engaged in my growth as a nurse and a great clinician. In other words, I saw her as the best nurse in the hospital. And I knew this because she was right in there, hands on, when there was something going on.

On the other hand, she was one of those high energy & impulsive people who always has ten projects going at once. Some would be completed after she stayed up late and came in early working ridiculous hours. Some projects were so continuously changing shape that at any given point half of our work became irrelevant and we felt like we were starting over. AND some of those projects are still in process two months after she's started her new job!

Most of the direct patient care staff have two basic demands; that the person is willing and able to be hands on in the field and that the person makes them feel valued and appreciated.

My strength as a supervisor is clinical, I like working on the floor with patients. I love finding ways to continuously improve the way we do our jobs. I'm less enthusiastic about admin part; paper work, meetings, committees, requisitions...blah. It's my weakness.

So what kind of boss do you need? Someone who can do your job right alongside of you and is willing to step in and lend a hand when you need it? Someone who stays out of your way and keeps the ship afloat? Do you care if you feel appreciated and valued as long as you're getting a paycheck?

What makes a good boss?

P.S. One of my favorite people at work is also someone I have occasion to supervise. On a regular basis he tells me, "The problem around here is we have too many middle managers." Guess what I am?

I'm trying to find that guy a new job.


Trish said...

Since I am a stay at home wife and grammy I probably don't have a clue!
I can say that I would not like my boss looking over my shoulder. And would prefer to be left to go it alone, unless I ask for their help.

Deb said...

A good boss MUST be a good communicator and one who follows through on policies and procedures. Also, he or she must set the best example and be a good mentor.

...very few of my bosses ever live up to my ideal of who they should be in their position.

Mrs. Mac said...

I'm my own boss (besides Jesus ;) ... ditto what Trish said.

Jada's Gigi said...

I like a boss who will leave me alone and let me do my job while they keep the ship afloat. and I'm that way myself...I expect everyone to do their part and let me so mine...if things break down because someone isn't doing their part...I hate that...but I don't try to fix it..(not at work anyway:)) I let the chips fall where they may. i do like being appreciated...I believe it is the gas in the engine for good employees to be great.