Saturday, February 07, 2009

I Expect Myself

1. To take good care of my home.
2. To get control of my body.
3. To let my children make their own mistakes and take credit for their own victories.
4. To show mercy & grace.
5. To recognize that I am nothing aside from who I am in Christ.
6. To choose justice above ease.
7. To glorify God with my words.
8. To let pain slide into amnesia and joy be written in stone.
9. To be grateful for people more than for things.
10. To be the greatest source of love, support and happiness in my husband's life.
Pic: 12/25/08


Mrs. Mac said...

What type of sock monkey gizmo are you holding up there??? I suspect you 'expect' lots and lots of sock monkey stuff too :)

Deb said...

Where in the world did someone find a sock monkey nightlight?
Too funny.

...and as for your previous post about being "sick of" spending time with, I was sick of spending time with my six ("AND A HALF MOM!!") daughter. ugh.