Friday, February 27, 2009

Why Jonah Had Soft & Supple Skin; Finally Explained

Good rainy Friday morning. If you're in Southeast Michigan at least. No complaints from me! Except that many Donny doo doos have been exposed. Again, not my problem. I'm off today; working the weekend. I don't mind so much working as that it is more challenging for staffing. Although it doesn't seem like such a monumental thing, I'm asking you to pause for a moment today and pray for the staff of the hospital. That we would have enough folks to give extra care to our patients and so that no one working feels they have been stretched too thin. This week the Lord has been really working in my heart regarding not just my "job" but my "work." If that makes any sense. I've always prayed for my workplace and have a renewed determination to be a prayer warrior for my hospital. In a way, lately this feels like my church. There are Believers there as well as those who don't coming together for a common goal and whether they know it or not; they are the hands of Christ as they care for patients. I know that those hours spent at work can be draining but I also believe there can be that kind of good tiredness that comes of ministry and that is my desire for the caregivers I work with. Anyway, there's my thought for the day!
Mac did some of the housework yesterday that I would've been doing today (God love him!) So this morning I have a just few quick jobs to do like laundry, bed linens and the bathroom. Then I'll get myself together and with my mom, I am facing a dreaded and horrible thing. Textile shopping. My mother loves textiles. They give me the trots. And shopping for fabric with my mom ends one of two ways, snot-producing laughter or me just choosing the first cheap fabric I find so I can get out of there quickly. Being that Pat is recovering (is that the correct spelling? it looks like my sofa pillows need to get off the booze) my sofa pillows for me, it would be better if I could maintain long enough not to purchase clearanced Carebear Halloween material for the job. The Mr. and I scored a gently used couch a few months back that is an excellent laying-on for TV couch. It's a pillow back which means it has a wide seat cushion and we have wide seats ourselves. If we stack the pillows at one end we can both lay on it to watch Desperate Housewives reruns, which is our current favorite pass time. So we love the couch but the pillows of the pillow back are splitting at the seams. The couch is a beigey tweedy earth toney kind of affair so I'm hoping to find some kind of fabric that will go with. This is all very interesting, no?
Meanwhile, my friend at work gave me this gourd looking thing that has a spongy dry looking thing inside and she swears it is a loofah sponge! Per her report, if you crack the shell off this non gourd you have a loofah. She asked me where I believed loofahs to come from to which I replied "Loofania." Apparently this is not correct as another person states they come from the ocean. I have not yet de-shelled the loofah gourd but word is, a person can plant a loofah garden. This sounds like tomfoolery to me but if it's true I am so planting a loofah garden (picture above; an alleged loofah on the vine.) I spent a large portion of my time yesterday peering down the tiny hole in my loofah gourd examining the sponge like innards.
What else can I share? Oh, I got a hair cut and color refresh and everyone is complimenting me on my new color, which is not new. However, no one is necessarily noticing the cut, which is new. My theory is that I usually just slick my hair back into a pony so the highlights are not as noticeable and I'm wearing it down lately. This is almost as important to the public as my pillows. Perhaps I'll have my mom take a picture of my hair for your consideration. That depends entirely on how good/bad it looks today as it is precipitating and not favorable to beauteous hair.
Well, I'm spent. Off to make the bed and have another cup 'o Joe. I have to call my mom very soon to ensure that I wake her up as opposed to letting her have a cup of coffee and get herself together. She's not a morning person. Don't tell her I said that.
Jonah 4: 6And the LORD God prepared a gourd, and made it to come up over Jonah, that it might be a shadow over his head, to deliver him from his grief. So Jonah was exceeding glad of the gourd.


Pat said...

It's 9:45AM and I just got up. Don't bug me too early. My hair is frightful. It looks like I styled it with a loofah gourd.

Ladyfromthewoods said...

Try this post on your loofah:

She has several other posts with photos of her loofahs growing, so you could also type in "loofah" in the search box on top of her blog.

I've emailed your previous post to several of my girlfriends after it helped me as well. It was an excellent reminder. Thanks so much.


Amrita said...

Have a good weekend

Judy S. said...

I get my raw loofah from an e-store. Not sure I have time to grow those gourds. :-)

Mrs. Mac said...

You are so blessed to have loofah. That is actually on my shopping list to see if Michael's sells them. They do make great skin scrubbers, pot scrubbers, etc. They can be eaten much as zucchini when they are small/young. I'm looking to get some to cut into small little 'cups' to pour some home made soap into. They grow great in Mexico. They need lots of summer heat/sunshine. Let me know if you actually plant any of the seeds cuz I would love to grow some too. No kidding ... who knew ... you'd have loofah Sara :)