Saturday, April 23, 2011

9 other things and 1 Easter thing

1. Above, please note the Sketcher's sandals I intended to buy. I tried them on at Kohl's and unfortunately (fortunately?) they were uncomfortable. However, the Kohl's Croft & Barrel Brand were on sale for $31 compared to the Sketcher's sale price of $52 and seems poifect! Will keep you updated!
2. My Shellac mani did not last two weeks (second time.) The first color that chipped was a dark raisin that was really very pretty but only lasted about 10 days to the 14 expected. My manicurist was out of town so I just got a redo at another shop of a different color basically 4 days early. Most recently, French mani started pulling up at the edges after 4 days and I had a redo today at the 9 day mark after getting a few chips. Not real happy. I told the manicurist this is the last go around, next time there's a chip I'm done. She charged me half price, I think it should've been complimentary.
3. I have a monster headache, nothin's touching it. Am taking a tuna fish sandwich to see if that helps.
4. It's warmish and sunnier here!
5. Some good prices at the Kohl's, got a few cute t-shirts for under $10 each.
6. Am told Lancone mascara is the bee's knees. Thoughts?
7. The MR. and Mac are currently hanging my new plantation blinds!
8. I did hang my wall words/trading phrases in my bedroom last weekend as promised. Looks awesome, pick to come.
9. Mac starts work on Monday!
10. Have a blessed wonderful peaceful joyous Easter!


Odie Langley said...

Hope by the time you read this your headache has eased off. It is warm here in NC but very cloudy and looks like we will get a lot of rain before the day is over. Rocky & I got in a great walk so that is OK. Take it easy and have a marvelous Easter holiday.

Jada's Gigi said...

I need someone to come hang My plantation blinds! Go with the cheaper sandals if they feel better..
Try a new nail salon! My toe's usually last about a month!
Clinique mascara rocks...