Friday, April 29, 2011

The Royal Wedding

Did you get up early this morning to watch the royal wedding? I did, with the Scarf Sisters doing the same from their various homes. Actually, I started watching around 6:15 which was not the true start of the festivities. But what I saw was lovely, truly lovely. Oh sure, any royal event is sure to be eye candy and this one didn't disappoint. What truly moved me was the details of their time together at the altar. The readings and sermons were so sweetly God-centered, something I had not expected. With William and Kate's history of open co-habitation, I suppose my self righteous self assumed they had no spiritual life.
My self-righteous self seems to be wrong. Again.
In fact, Kate is reported to have said to her groom in the carriage ride, "I am so happy. Let us pray."
My self-righteous self is humbled by the royals.
So much as is possible for me to draw a conclusion on the matter, I believe they are truly in love with one another and at this moment of high emotion and ceremony, I think I will pray for them. I hope I remember that as this day fades into history and they go forward into their lives.
I was one of those millions awake and in front of the television for the wedding of Prince Charles to Princess Diana. I was too young then to draw any conclusions other than that of admiration for the beauty of the bride. From the vantage point of 30 years, I see the difference between that couple and the one married today.
And like many, I thought of Diana and how very sad that she wasn't there to see her son marry his bride. How very sad that she died so young, that her marriage was never one of love, that she pursued after personal fulfillment while her boys were still so young and that this pursuit left them motherless in the end.
Yes, I do blame Diana for her part in the end of it all.
But that isn't the focus of today. Today we were reminded that there is beauty in pomp and formality, that despite living in blue jeans we love watching pretty women wear fancy hats, that even a balding prince is sexy in military uniform.
And that if we gave as much attention to the detail of every day that we do to wedding days, we are less likely to forget the grandness of life...wherever it is we happen to live it.

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Stacy said...

Whilst reading your lovely blog, your voice had a British accent ;) Quite beautiful, I might add!