Saturday, October 01, 2011

1. Brrrrrr!
2. I am going to have a little shopping day, picking up some this and that.
3. Some of this and that is at Ulta. I lurv Ulta.
4. I'm getting my hairs did on Tuesday and think I will go shorter, lower maintenance. Free your hair and the rest will follow.
5. Exhausted last night after a long week and at 10 p.m. I felt there was no other choice give myself a pedi.
6. My pedi is surprisingly nice considering I was half asleep and doing it to the light from the television while in bed.
7. My mom and sister are ending their first week in the Mediterranean. I spent the week at 8 Mile & Woodward. Life is fair. :)
8. I am going to attempt to make giant cookies this week.
9. Mac's birthday is tomorrow. He's going to be 7. No? It sure seems like he should be 7.
10. To all of you who have contributed, will contribute and have prayed for support and help with my request for shoes (and clothing) for my patients; words cannot really express my gratitude. The staff are excited at the prospect that we may be able to actually meet all of the patients' needs. In fact, they are re organizing the clothing closet and method by which we identify needs this weekend.

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