Monday, October 17, 2011


Good morning from a very happy to report that I am feeling good today me! No, that is not a run-on sentence.

The weekend at work was a good one despite feeling less than wonderful. I thought I was looking rather chipper despite the body aches I've had but the staff saw through it and reacted with much kindness and concern. This was a surprise blessing to me, almost like God telling me, "look, you have more friends than you realize." It was almost worth working the weekend to feel such sweetness from unexpected places.

Today I am enjoying my day off in the crisp cool Michigan morning. I've slept so well the last few nights and awakened feeling...awake! The Mr. went out on Friday and bought a mattress topper in the hopes that it would ease my aches and help with this eternal battle with insomnia. Oh, it's wonderful! First of all, it makes my bed look like an old-fashioned over-stuffed feather bed on The Farm. Secondly, it is, as one of the reviewers online said, like sleeping on a cloud. I usually prefer a firm mattress but this is so heavenly and the proof is in the pudding. I am falling asleep easily and waking up rested. I'm thinking of buying one for everyone I know for Christmas! Thank goodness for those Bed, Bath & Beyond 20% off coupons :) In fact, today my errand list includes picking up another one for Mac's bed. If you're curious, it's the Wamsutta Cool & Fresh Fiber Bed. It's a mattress topper, just lays atop the mattress so there is no worry that the pocket will be deep enough to fit.

The weekend to come includes moving some furniture to my sister's house to make room here for a few changes. My grandparents' furniture was here when we moved in but we can't keep theirs and ours and over the last few years we've found our way to what we love and want to keep and what just doesn't work. My gramma's bedroom set is on the what doesn't work list. Mac would like it someday in his home but in the meantime, it will make a beautiful guest room at Amy's house. Likewise, the camel back sofa will go to her house and that will not come back to the Smiths-not our style. My grandfather's antique secretary (so beautiful but no room here) will go as well for temporary storage. It is actually my uncle's but he hasn't come to Michigan to take it home yet.

The infamous C.S. Lewis room will become a bit of a study/library/reading room and I think I will move my dining table into the nook which currently houses my computer. This is the original dining nook for the house. The computer will move into the C.S. Lewis room itself. An old wooden kitchen work table will move into the kitchen and I will put casters on the legs to raise the height to a more convenient work height and probably add a few small stools underneath.

Once the bedroom furniture is moved to Amy's, I will be working on Mac's room. Which reminds me...Mom, can I have the old farm dresser out of the basement?

As you can see, we just move our furniture around from house to house.

That just about wraps up what may be the most boring blog post you will find on the Internet today! Enjoy your day and go buy a mattress topper.


Mrs. Mac said...

You on a boring day is better than anything in blogland! I'm off to check out the bed topper .. my guest beds could use a little added comfort.

Have a blessed day Sista Sara.

Diane said...

You are never boring Sara! I love reading about your plans and swapping the furniture around. I enjoy the fact that you, Amy and your Mom swap the things around and enjoy them together.

I'm keeping that bed topper in mind just in case this new mattress doesn't do what I need to help me rest well.

So thankful you're feeling better!

Many hugs...........


Mrs. Mac said...

All of Diane's comment is with a thick southern accent and a few extra syllables to boot ;)