Sunday, October 30, 2011


We're knee-deep in heirlooms over here. Heirlooms for days. Heirlooms as far as the eye can see. Heirlooms as high as an elephant's eeeyeyyyyyyyyyyyyye!

The word heirloom starts to look weird after using it a few times.

We are living in the Smith-Trent-Meszaros-Mezigian-Gerhardsteinsonian.

Naturally, my first question is, do you have any family heirlooms and what are they? I need to know.

As you know, this family has so many heirlooms we rotate them through three houses and a cottage and still store the extras in our basements and garages.

I keep trying to sneak additional items into Jay's house but he insists he doesn't have room. Like I do?

From where I'm sitting, I can see the following heirlooms: china cabinet, all the stuff in the china cabinet (27 items I can see, more in the bottom.) small farm table, low boy, lamp, pie safe, Halloween decorations and that isn't counting the actual chair I'm sitting in and the house itself.

Heirlooms, squarelooms, double bear looms, I got heirlooms.

Occasionally the Mr. and I will run across some something in an antique shop that we have at home and he'll say something like, "Look, we have this exact pitcher and it's worth $200!" To which I will say in a screechy panicked voice, "No, it isn't the exact one because MINE IS PRICELESS BECAUSE IT WAS MY GRAMMA'S AND WHAT ARE YOU SAYING THAT I SHOULD JUST SELL MY GRANDPARENTS BELONGINGS SO YOU CAN BUY A BASS GUITAR???"

I always like to throw in the bass guitar part although he has never actually ever hinted at wanting to buy a bass guitar with my family's heirlooms. I feel it puts him in his place nicely.

I am amazed (and saddened) when people tell me they don't have anything from their parents or grandparents. Maybe they aren't sad but it seems sad to me.

So I wanna know the following:

1. Do you have any heirlooms?

2. What are they?

3. Are they important to you and why or why not?

4. Have you passed heirlooms on to your kids?

5. Are you creating heirlooms within your home for your kids to have someday?

6. Is there something from your parents or grandparents' that you wish you had?

Heirloom Hunt: Steamer trunk (from The Farm), Christmas music box on top of trunk (From my Grandma Trent who gave it to my parents when I was a kid), Blue couch (Gramma), Mirror above couch (Gramma), Christmas tree (Grandma Trent), Antique secretary (Grampa Gerhardstein). Not in photograph but on right wall: piano (Dean's mom.)


Diane said...

I have a few things, but not nearly what I wish I had. I have my maternal grandma Howell's rocking chair, which was passed to Momma by Grandma and then to me by Momma. I have a 3 gallon churn that belonged to my paternal great aunt Suzie Atkinson-Morphis. She raised my paternal grandma after my great-grandma died when my grandma was only 8. I have the hymnal carried by my paternal great-grandpa Atkinson, who was a Methodist Circuit Preacher and carried his Bible and his hymnal in his saddle bag every where he went. I have my FIL and Daddy's memorial flags presented graveside with military honors for their service. I have a bowl that was once owned by my husband's great, great-grandma Smith. My aunt has a bread mixing bowl, rolling pin and old farm table that was my Maw MaDonalds. The bowl and rolling pin had been passed down from Aunt Suzie and the table was built by my paternal grandpa. We have a pocket watch that belonged to Daddy and was given to him about 35 years ago by his church. We have a table with 12 chairs and china hutch that was Mommas and was built for her by her uncle when her first grandchild was born, which was 34 years ago. I treasure each of these, as do my sisters. Since I don't have children, I have worked to make sure all our heirlooms are passed to my niece or nephews and that they are passed to those who will most appreciate them and treat them with the same loving care we have. Oh, and I also have an Anniversary Clock bought by Daddy in Germany and brought home as a gift for Maw McDonald when he returned home from Germany. It still works and keeps perfect time. It was purchased in 1955. I also have my MIL's original Hope Chest, purchased for her by her parents on her 16th birthday. Ok, I'm shutting my mouth now!

Margie said...

1. Not much really.

2.i have the mirror that my gram had on her bureau, it was actually the only thing I really wanted when she died. THe dessert cups she served ice cream in when I was a kid. This silly fruit thing that she kept on her table.

3. The things I have are important to me because they are things that remind me of her, and of a time when I felt loved by her

4. Not yet, she still lives with me

5. I don't know, most days I'm just trying to get through the day. But probably, I just don't know.

6. Well I wanted her china that she promised me but my aunt took it, oh well.