Tuesday, October 25, 2011


Today marks our 25th wedding anniversary! We are celebrating by going to work. :) We'll go out to dinner this evening and on our annual trip in a few weeks.
In 25 years, I have learned that no matter how very right I feel, I could be wrong. I've learned that if I am indeed very right, it might not matter. I've learned that love is expressed more often in quiet evenings watching the local news than in candlelit dinners and roses. I've learned that we make each other better people. That at some point you stop being bothered by getting older and realize that it is the symbol of something wonderful.
I've learned that it is happiness to have someone know what I would want from McDonalds or how I take my coffee from Dunkin' Donuts vs. Starbucks (because it's not the same.) It's a privilege to be important enough for a text just say say I love you. That most of the offenses weren't intentional and even if they are, it's still best to let it go.
I've learned a lot more than that but as I mentioned, I have to go to work!
Anniversaries are marked by romantic cards and declarations of eternal love, which is all quite lovely. But I find my heart full of gratitude to God more than anything, great things He has done.


Pat said...

Happy Anniversary! Twenty-five years is quite an achievement by today's standards. Thank you for being an example to your sons and may your lives continue to overflow with those blessing, large and small that make life so sweet!!!

Terry said...

happy anniversary you sweet girl..you are the daughter of one of my dearest friends!...miss patty, thank you for being an example to your daughters[and your many sisters] and may YOUR life continue to overflow with those blessings, large and small that makes life so sweet!
and next year on sara's anniversary, you will be able to dance a little jig because your legs will be ALL better!....i love you sara!...love terry

Debra said...

Oh, happy, happy anniversary! And what a wonderful post. Somebody should make it into a 'forward.' Really, so lovely and so true. Happy day to you both! ... Debra

Margie said...

Happy Anniversary! sending love!

Saija said...

BLESSINGS on you two ... 25 years is a good number to reach in our day and age ... ENJOY those simple pleasures!!!!