Wednesday, October 05, 2011

Feet shod with the preparation of peace

I am so excited, blessed, humbled and proud.
Last week, I mentioned my hospital's need for shoes and you took me seriously. People brought shoes to my house, the Mr. did some pick ups, wonderful people sent money and lovely people ordered shoes to be delivered.
Oh. My. Goodness.
I'm still hearing from people who are cleaning their closets and making plans to buy socks to go with those beautiful shoes.
Oh. My. Gracious.
Every morning our leadership team huddles to discuss the current hospital concerns. Yesterday I shared our progress.
Oh.My.Goodness. Gracious.
They couldn't believe it. People you've never met? Yup! Bags full of wonderful shoes (and clothes?) A box of brand new shoes? Yup and yup!
Your generous response and allowing the Holy Spirit to use you to touch lives has had a profound impact. In fact, it's started a revolution! I started with the hopes we could stock up, meet a few more needs. But now? Now, I think we can go bigger. I'm going to make a promise to our patients...NO ONE will leave Kingswood Hospital without shoes. NO ONE. I want to build an entire room of shoes. And a cash supply so that if we need a certain size, we can go buy it.
The Kingswood Hospital leaders are on board, they are amazed at the response so far and suddenly, the sky is the limit!
We are even changing the way we process our patient's needs. Our doctors have agreed to check the patient's property sheet for shoes and if they have none, they will write an order to obtain shoes for the patient. They are that sure we can do this, guaranteed everyone will leave with a pair of shoes.
Does this rock your world like it does mine? I'm crying at the moment, happy happy tears.
Guys, YOU have changed the way an entire system looks at what we can do for people. YOU have made them believe in miracles. And I think this is just the beginning. I will promise shoes but I think we can stretch that and provide socks and clothes and coats. Someday people will leave Kingswood Hospital with shoes on their feet and soft warm socks and maybe even a winter coat when it's cold out. Every patient, every time.
Forget mustard seeds, I'm sowing shoes.


Margie said...

There was a time when the welfare dollars were less because people took care of each other, people could go to the church to get help.

This is just one more example. We are the church.


Ginger said...

Praise the Lord for the great response from your readers and friends, and for the response of the hospital! How exciting for their whole procedure to be rethought, because of the response of God's people to a need!

Stacy said...

What. A. Blessing. You have put a smile on the face of God, Sara, for your generous, loving, caring heart! You are being the hands & shoes of Jesus ;)