Saturday, October 29, 2011

Trivia, this painting is of___________________?

1. Core head of cabbage, cover with water in a large pot and bring to boil.
2. As leaves soften and loosen, gently detach from head and allow to boil a for a few minutes then remove to cool.
3. After cooling, remove the large center vein from the individual leaves (leafs?) by gently running a knife along the top of the leaf from the top to the base.
4. Mix equal parts veal, pork, and ground beef (meatloaf mix) or any ground meat of your choice with rice, salt, pepper and garlic. I also add a dash of cumin. Add raw egg and mix thoroughly. Edit: One small finely diced onion is included in the meat mixture.
5. Form meat mixture into a roughly egg-shape of the size proportionate to your leaf.
6. Place meat mixture at center of the base of the leaf and begin to roll toward the top.
7. About half way, fold right edge of leaf over and continue rolling to seal the right side of the cabbage roll.
8. At the top of the roll, gently stuff the left edge of the leave into the center of the roll to seal the left edge.
9. Place prepared cabbage rolls into pan. I like a big black speckled roasted although stuffed cabbage can be made stove top, just watch for boil over!
10. I use tomato paste whisked with water or broth to a very loose consistency and pour over the rolls, covering all of them. Remember, the rice will need enough liquid to soak up and still leave "juice!"
11. I also include Dearborn sausage pieces in my pan, flavors the cabbage rolls and is just plain good.
12. I put sauerkraut over all, also optional. If you use sauerkraut, watch the salt used in seasoning your meat mixture.
13. Bake at 350 for about an hour or so depending on how much your making and check to see how done your stuffed cabbage is. I like to reduce to 300 and bake for a few hours longer.
14. Stove top, bring to a boil and simmer for an hour and check.
15. I use leftover meat mixture to make porcupine balls for people who don't love stuffed cabbage.
16. Serve with? Mashed potatoes and veggie. And always a salad around here.

Ground meat

Small onion
Head of cabbage
Tomato paste
Dearborn sausage
Salt, pepper, garlic, cumin

I apologize for the lack of measurements and exact directions! As you may recall, my gramma accused me of cooking like a peasant. It's all instinct! The good news is that stuffed cabbage is a forgiving recipe and personally, I've never met a stuffed cabbage I didn't like. I even like 'em slightly underdone with firm rice and if you are a true Hungarian-cold out of the fridge ain't bad either!

For the whole family (us four, girlfriends, my parents, Amy and Rob), I use roughly the following:
3 pounds meat
2 cups or so of rice (still I eyeball it)
2 eggs
2 large heads of cabbage
2 large tomato paste
1-2 cans sauerkraut
2 packages Dearborn sausage

I always prepare the cabbage leaves on the day prior so they are easy to work with and half of the prep is done. The two heads took an hour to boil, cool and de-vein. I make giant rolls, if you like them daintier, perhaps you are not a peasant, you can simply cut your leaves to the desired size. Mine are not uniform. You can also make unconstructed stuffed cabbage but that is against the law.

If you have any questions, put them in comments and my mom, Trish, Kelly or I can surely answer them. Try it! If your people are like my people (and your God is my God and whither I goest you will go); you will not have left-overs.

Trivia answer: the 1932 gold medal winning Hungarian water polo team.


Trish said...

Tom would agree, that it is against the law to serve unconstructed stuffed cabbage!
Have a wonderful time...I love you all!!!

Pat said...

Do you put onions in your meat?
I knew the answer to the Trivia question.

Margie said...

rice is cooked or uncooked? I think uncooked. I think I am going to attempt this next weekend!

Stacy said...

I will be attempting this soon! And I'm with Margie--is the rice cooked?? Can I use brown? Or is that against the law :)