Tuesday, November 29, 2011

The C.S. Lewis Tree

This is one of two identical music globes. The first one is put away, it was my Grandma Trent's and used to sit under my parents' Christmas tree when I was a child. This one I found in an antique shop on an anniversary trip. The original has a small crack at the top and the star has broken away and lays on the bottom of the globe now. How like the Lord to provide this replacement so that the original can be safely packed away. As a bonus, each of my boys will receive one for their own homes some day.

Reindeer ornament, bought at Garden Ridge to decorate our second Christmas tree in the C.S. Lewis room.

Purchased on a anniversary trip and on this tree because it matches the bronze and golds of the decorations in this room.

Birds! The Mr. loves these little guys and picks them up whenever he sees them. We have to perch them high though, or Donny goes "hunting" when no one is looking!

Antique ornament that hung on my Grandma Trent's tree in the 1970s

Another bird, doesn't he look like he's smiling?

Do you see a theme here?

Doggy angel tree topper! I must admit, this is my whimsical contribution. The Mr. isn't a big fan. We had a pretty star (from Target) on the tree that was on its last leg so I grabbed my chance to use my dog angel.

Our second Christmas tree is found in the living room which I call the C.S. Lewis room. This room was a formal living room when my grandparents were alive. Since moving in, it has become a quiet place where I like to read or write or just be still. There's no television in here, just a comfy chair, computer and piano. It's the overflow room when the family is all here for those who want to converse without shouting over the television.

This tree was my Grandma Trent's and when she passed away in 2008 it was given to me just in time since we now had two rooms needing trees, having moved here in 2007.

This tree is more intentionally decorated than the sentimental tree in the family room. We didn't have ornaments for it so we purchased most of what you see at Garden Ridge in the blues, golds and bronzes that match the room itself. There are only a few older ornaments, those which came from my Trent grandparents' home. This tree expresses a lot of the Mr.'s preferences, as you can see, he's a fan of the little birds. I have to admit they are pretty cute. The poinsettias I added this year when I ran across a box full of silk ones that I had used elsewhere over the years. I used wire cutters to separate the ones that were potted and tucked them into the tree for some color and added fullness.

Beneath the tree is my replacement music globe and the flag from the Mr.'s dad's memorial service in Alabama over Labor Day. We haven't found a permanent home for the flag yet and I like having it there this year, his first in heaven.

If we live long enough, this tree may become sentimental tree number two, after all, how many more anniversary ornaments will fit on the other one? :)

(I wonder if the C. S. Lewis title has left you hoping for something much more fanciful? Sorry! This room is the place where I read and think and pray and write and that is where the connection ends. )

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