Monday, November 28, 2011

Family room Christmas tree~

Mac's high school football number
I believe this is a porcupine, a gift from Lisa

Snow baby reminds me of my babies

Tortoise & hare, from 2009 anniversary trip. This was the year Dean's parents moved here, he was a hare & she is a tortoise. :)

2011 anniversary trip, 2 robins

2011 anniversary trip

2010 anniversary trip. In Autumn 2011 we had a crazy squirrel in our yard who was putting acorns in our yard furniture instead of burying them.

Chapel, gift from my mom.

2008 anniversary trip

2007 anniversary trip. We have Mexican food every Christmas Eve with daboyz.

Traditional Bronner's ornament, we each have one, including Donny.

Our family room tree is decorated with only sentimental ornaments collected since daboyz were born. I've shared just a few here. Some were chosen by them, some were gifts, some are from my grandparent's trees and every year since 2006 we have purchased an ornament on our anniversary trip. There are no ornaments on this tree that are "fillers." Each has a story.

At his home, Jay has my gramma's little Christmas tree with my grampa's angel tree topper. Just yesterday, Mac was looking at our sentimental tree and said that when he has his own home, he is going to start with a very plain tree and add ornaments year by year until he, too, has a tree of memories.

Although it may not be the most sophisticated, this is my very favorite kind of Christmas tree.


Pat said...

So nice, I must stop by for a tea and tree visit!

Mrs. Mac said...

It all looks loverly!

Becky said...

very pretty.

Margie said...

I love those kind of trees too!that's how mine is! It takes me a long time to put up my tree, I get lost in the memories!