Saturday, November 19, 2011

I want stuff!

1. I want a smaller light-weight camera.
2. I want a food processor.
3. I want this house to be clean.
4. I want someone else to clean this house.
5. I want a Kindle.
6. I want new pajamas.
7. I want a different hair cut.
8. I want a double oven.
9. I want new glasses.
10. I want a cup of tea with honey.


Pat said...

I want:
#'s 1, 3,4,9.
I understand about the smaller camera, some of the new ones take really great pictures.

Elizabeth said...

I got a smaller camera and hardly ever use it...always use my phone...hmmm, might have to put it to use!

Kell said...

I love my kindle. Even better I love the kindle app on my phone that syncs to my kindle, in case I don't have my kindle with me. I am now able to read everywhere. This is very important to a girl like me.

Margie said...

your wanter is turned up:) mine too! I keep trying to turn it down, and somehow it keeps getting turned back up!
I want the new kindle fire!!!!!!!!