Saturday, March 03, 2012

1. Going to Grand Rapids for the weekend!
2. Also leaving shortly and going out to breakfast, a very important component of a road trip.
3. Down one size jeans!
4. FINALLY have that third manager at work and she's awesome! Relief is in sight!
5. Got some Clinique make-up: mascara is great, eye shadow is good, eye brow pencil is great, eye liner is the pits (but I never do well with eye liner.)
6. Slightly sore throat this morning. Always happens when I am out in the rain (yesterday.) I'm ignoring it.
7. I seriously need new glasses.
8. I know I'm repeating #4, but in about a month, my worklife will be back to normal and I might have a real life again :)
9. My hospital received 3 wonderful boxes of donations to our patent's clothing closet from blogger friend, Ginger. Words cannot express my gratitude. Our closet it overflowing with wonderful clothes, under garments, shoes and coats! This is Jesus in action in the hearts of his people.
10 Please pray for my Aunt Sue in California. She had a heart procedure and was diagnosed with diabetes this week. She remains weak and we are concerned for her.

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Pat said...

God Bless Ginger! How wonderful and generous. It is such a joy to see God's love manifested in the kindness of others and may the Lord bless her doubly!