Saturday, March 10, 2012


1. My eye is all better.
2. Bad belly yesterday.
3. 23F this morning.
4. A friend's mom passed yesterday, please pray for the family of Hazel Baily.
5. Ready for Spring!
6. I feel like there is no down time in my life lately.
7. I recommend "I Love You Mrs. Huddleston, & Other Inappropriate Longings of My Indiana Youth" by Philip Gulley.
8. Treating my brain to less computer time so forgive me if I'm MIA here and there.
9. A good friend is experiencing a difficult pregnancy, please pray for her. God knows the details.
10. There is a good chance my schedule will be changing for the better soon!


Mrs. Mac said...
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Mrs. Mac said...

Two prayers being whispered to the Almighty on behalf of your request ... I do hope your schedule is rearranged .. spring is a time to renew the spirit, soul .. and body .. and better work hours will ensure you get your batteries recharged. Have a blessed weekend .. Sister Sara.

12:31 PM