Thursday, March 15, 2012

The Shoe People

I'm so disappointed that I don't have a picture of our hospital's clothing closet to post but I keep forgetting to take my camera to work. Suffice it to say, it is bursting at the seams! We went from not having enough to meet the needs, to enough to meet every need, to enough to provide for those with only one set of clothing to enough to....take a cart to the units and offer trade-ins for people who just need something newer or nicer or better fitting!! We are able to provide 2 or 3 complete changes of clothing to people going to shelters and group homes! I wish I had adequate words to express this miracle born of your generosity and love. Packages and monetary donations from all over the United States have found their way to Kingswood and your story has been shared at the highest levels of the Henry Ford administration. We have a local girl scout troop who comes once a month to organize our clothing closet and this month they said they couldn't do it anymore because there isn't enough room for all of the clothes and shoes.

God has used you not only to clothe the needy, but to soften the hearts and encourage the spirits of people who had started to think we'd never be able to meet the needs of our patients. Not that long ago, we admitted a little girl whose mom didn't have a warm jacket and we were able to provide for her needs before she left that day. The families of our patients are benefiting and Jesus is taking back the territory that the devil thought he had conquered. Hallelujah!

So you'd think we'd be satisfied? Well, you have opened a Pandora's box of grace! The medical director of adult services leaned over to me in a meeting and said, "Do you think the Shoe People (that's what you are you know!) would have any purses to donate? I bet our ladies would love to have a purse. Most of them only have a grocery bag to carry their stuff." And I responded without hesitation..."Of course! I'm sure we can find some purses!"

And the staff on the kids' unit? They are wondering if anyone out there has children's sizes to donate. Since we're talking about kids, how about stuffed animals? Would anyone donate a stuffed animal? Or games? The kids want a Bingo game. Or sleeping bags or blankets because some of them don't have blankets at home. Or or or or_____________________.

Your generosity has sparked something at Kingswood. It's called hope, the courage to ask for something because you believe there's a good chance someone will hear. So why not ask? We never thought we'd have enough shoes. Or coats. Or bras or clothing but now we are searching for more rooms to use for our overflow!

So Shoe People, you beautiful anointed God-breathing Shoe People; our hands are outstretched and wide open. It's your project you know; you and the Lord. It's out of our hands, we're just the grateful and amazed recipients of grace with skin on. Is there anything else that you can give us? LOL! We are brazen and without shame! What do you have that a child or adult or older person might love?

Oh, and by the way, just in passing, we just opened a library. Our patients can borrow books and if they want, they can keep them. You see, we aren't worried about running out. The Shoe People have taught us that there are folks out there who care about us. So if you'd like to get rid of books or magazines, we will happily add them to our library and we won't worry about letting people take them home. We know there will be more.

Did I mention Bibles? Patients ask for Bibles every day.

One year ago we were thinking about trying to get a few books on the units and sending patients home without shoes.

Today we have a library with enough books to give away. We have so many shoes and coats and articles of clothing that we are providing to patients and families.

Thank you, Shoe People. For shoes and clothes and money and prayers. You have restored dignity, clothed the poor and reminded the staff that they are not alone in trying to meet a need far greater than our resources.

Our God shall supply all our needs...according to the generosity of The Shoe People.

We love you.


Deb said...

wow. speechless. God is so good.

Pat said...

You better get a big umbrella, I have a feeling it's going to start raining purses, books and bibles!

Debra said...

Loved this post!! So encouraging.

I hate to ask this, but could you please send me your address again. Gah. Somehow--I know not how in the world!--I lost your address. This time I promise (promise!) I will immediately add it to my address book. P-r-o-m-i-s-e!

Thanks! (And thanks for your birthday greeting, too!) :) Blessings, Debra

Margie said...

hee hee! I have bibles, lots of magazines (I subscribe to like 15!) and i have boys shoes for you IN MY CAR! and stuffed animals...

so please let me know when we can meet so I can give you this stuff!!