Monday, March 19, 2012


Years ago, Oprah Winfrey interviewed Bill Cosby and asked him about growing older with his wife. How does marriage change over so many years together when the children are grown and you're left with just the two of you? His answer was, "We're in a groove, not a rut."
That's just the perfect description of this time in life. We're in a groove. We not only know each other, we are willing to be known. And willing to be accountable for what we know about one another. We know what makes the other irritated and we have grown beyond arguing that it shouldn't. We've made ourselves vulnerable with our secrets and our fears and trusted our hearts to one another; even the ugly parts. We've embraced God's command that we love one another with a sacred love. That means it is love expressed in prayer. We pray each other through the days and someday, into heaven.
Yesterday our forsythias blossomed, this morning the Mr. pointed them out to me. He knows I love that. I had a stressful day at work and came home with a tension headache, he rubbed my shoulders and shooed me into a long hot shower and pajamas.
Today he surprised me by taking a vacation day to spend Monday with me since I worked over the weekend. We're enjoying coffee and Irish soda bread toast and he's stripped the bed linens so that I can put on fresh ones. In a minute I'm going to dust (undust!) and Dean is going to sweep and vacuum. Then we're going to continue our hunt for a sofa and out to lunch. Later we'll pull out a few chairs and sit on the back porch and grill dinner.
Nothing exciting from the outside, you might even say we're in a rut.
Nope. We're in a groove. A sacred, safe & sexy groove.
On a Monday afternoon.

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Jada's Gigi said...

We have a groove too...only it is continually interrupted by our misc. family, children, crises etc.....nothing rut like about it...ha!