Wednesday, March 07, 2012

Book 'em Dano

I'm am just about to try to put in my contacts...oy! Praying all goes well and I'm not forced to scoop my eyeball out with a teaspoon.
So, did I mention that I lost my engagement ring for most of the day yesterday? Yup. I always take it off while I'm doing my hair so it doesn't get hairspray and mousse on it, then I wash my hands and use lotion and then put it back on. Found it on the floor last night. Probably knocked it to the floor in my panic to scrape my contact off of my eye.
Also just remembered I have jury duty...on March 1! Argh! Can you even believe that? I got the notice in January and just completely forgot about it. Do you think I'll be arrested? I wouldn't mind being arrested, that would mean a day off of work.
Off to experiment with my contacts.


Mrs. Mac said...

Doesn't jury duty equate a day off of work? The world needs smart cookies on juries ... and you're a smart cookie. So happy the engagement ring and eye are found/ok. Have a blessed day .. now try and stay out of the pokey.

Jada's Gigi said...

yes indeed, please don't go to jail! :) Hoping the contact lens stayed in place and didn't freak your eye out!