Tuesday, March 13, 2012


Grouchy Monday is over. I made those two gift baskets despite a serious case of cranky-itis. In fact, I only had to make one and I made an extra. So there!

I was wandering through Michael's looking for baskets and that cellophane stuff you use to wrap gift baskets and guess what I found in the very back corner? Gift basket kits! That's right...basket, that straw like stuff you put in the bottom, cellophane, ribbon and tag for $8! I nearly smiled! I don't mind the basket, the stuff you put in it and even baking a little something; it's the cellophane and ribbbon that gets my goat.

I made a St. Patrick's Day themed basket containing 2 cute coffee cups, Bailey's filled chocolates, a box of breakfast tea, a tea towel with a shamrock, a box of stationary with a shamrocks and pretty green plate and topped it off with a loaf of homemade Irish soda bread.

The second was kind of a spring on the back porch theme. Red pitcher, four red flowery glasses, lemonade mix, a red/yellow/orange striped plate and a loaf of homemade banana nut bread.

Now comes the truly stressful part, the raffle. What if mine are the only ones not chosen? Argh! Now I feel like Charlie Brown!

No, actually I don't. I'm glad I had the means and the ability to make the baskets and I hope that someone enjoys them.

I hope you are still my friend considering my Oscar Monday. I'm pretty confidant you are. So I'll be completely truthful with you, since we're friends and all. I did what I needed to do but I didn't have a whole lot of fun. And I think that's ok. I had obligations to fulfill; housework and gift basket. Sometimes you have responsibilities and you don't want to do it and you feel grouchy and you still have to do it. I know some people think, "If you aren't going to have a good attitude, don't bother." Well, I disagree. I think you can be cranky, happy or downright silly but you gotta do what needs doing whether you want to do it or not.

And if no one wants my Baskets By Oscar, I'll just bring 'em home and enjoy them myself!


Jada's Gigi said...

I knew you could do it! and you're so right...sometimes you gotta do what ya gotta do....but still sometimes ...I don't. ;) love you...still your friend! :)

Margie said...

still you're friend...

I say, sometimes we fake it til we make it, sometimes we've got joy-sprung foot steps, and sometimes we just tredge on. Just keep moving in the right direction is my way!