Saturday, June 16, 2012


1. Today is Baby Rowan's funeral, will you pray for her family?
2. Tomorrow the family is coming for Father's Day and birthday celebrations (The Mr., Jay & Amy.)
3. I'm still not able to eat much, it's trial and error.  But it's better!
4. Why am I not skinny yet?
5. I got two little summer dresses from Kohl's for $14 each. 
6. I'm obsessed with fake pony tails at the moment.
7. My flowers look awful, so frustrating!
8. It's hot hot hot in the Mitten.
9. I dreamt my mom started a business selling boiled eggs and was very successful.
10. We have quite a few severely autistic kids on our unit right now, please pray for them and that we will have wisdom to take good care of these very special children.  Being hospitalized is so hard on autistic kids and if they are with us, it's because they are being violent at home.  I truly believe that we need the anointing of the Holy Spirit to reach out to them.  Mac has a special softness and ability with these kids and covets your prayers as he tries to connect to them.  He ran himself ragged last night working exclusively with two boys no one else could manage.

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Mrs. Mac said...

Blessing upon blessing from the Lord is asked to be heaped upon Mac as he soothes these special kids. It takes a very spiritually gifted person to have the ability to minister. "Lord, hear the prayers of your workers. May peace and comfort be with the children and workers. Amen"

Now about the dream of 'mother' selling eggs (do you want an interpretation?) ... (LOL)