Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Baby Rowan

Precious Baby Rowan has received her perfect healing and is now home with her heavenly father. I can't express enough thank yous for all the prayers said on her behalf. Please continue to hold the family up in prayer at this difficult time. Here is Katie's last update.

We waited for about three hours for an update. I spent time with Jake playing trying to get my mind off of things... cuz all I've been doing is crying when alone. They came out after an eternity and said that her tricuspid valve didn't look like it needed to be replaced after all. Very minor leaking. They were trying to wean her off ecmo but she was having difficulty. They said they usually try to be optimistic but she was having such a hard time. I hate statistics but had to ask. Dr. Carl shook his head and said less than 5 % survival. About ten minutes later dr Carl came in with two nurses and I could tell with the look on his face. He shook his head again and said that Rowan didn't make it. we have spent the last 4 hours rocking hugging kissing

Crying and making as many mementos as possible. I had my same photographer come and take pics. Pics for me and Ryan my family, and a few special for Jake to remember his sister by. My heart is broken but I know hers is whole again and her fight is over. I have a beautiful angel watching over me now. I know this with my birthday is 3/3 and hers is 12/12 and she passed at 3:12pm. It was her saying goodbye mommy I love you and thanks for being my Mom. Thanks you Rowan for being such an inspiration to so many and I promise I will continue to fight and let your light shine on sweet one.

My sweet sparrow fly high

Your heart is whole and body healed as you make your journey to the sky


Saija said...

thank you for letting us know sara ... i was checking your blog for the updates ...

Crown of Beauty said...

I can't stop crying... just two days ago I read the update given by Katie on your blog (Rowan's Story), and yesterday morning I was pleading with GOd, and thanking Him for the complete healing for precious Rowan.

Off and on throughout yesterday, she was on my heart. I even researched the meaning of her name, and found out that Rowan is the name of a special Celtic tree, of the rose family, with white flowers, and red berries when the flowering is over. Her name stands for provision and transformation.

And today, this news.

What a privilege for me that Baby Rowan has graced my life.

We will see her in heaven someday soon.

And yes, she has received her complete healing.

Much love