Wednesday, June 06, 2012

Stop & pray

It is with a heavy heart and a river of tears that I ask you to stop now, in this moment, and pray for Baby Rowan.  On Saturday we were given a window of 3-5 days to wean her from Ecmo (life support) and for specific goals to be accomplished in her recovery.  Today is day 5 and last night, Ro went back into surgery for an attempt at removing some of the life support.  Here is the update from her exhausted mama, Katie...

"things did not go as well as hoped in surgery. She did not tolerate being off ecmo and they said her tricuspid valve is starting to leak again. This is a step back and unless they start seeing steps forward again in the next few days they won't be able to do the tricuspid repair and there may be nothing left to do other than take her off and let her pass. I'm obviously in an extreme amount of depression and anxiety about this and I'm lost. My poor Ro is hooked up to 50 machines keeping her alive and we need a miracle. I want more than anything to see our prayers work but I can barely see; much less the light and the end of this dark tunnel."

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Margie said...

It is only in the dark that we need a flashlight. Praying God's love all over sweet baby Ro! PRAYING FOR MIRACLES!